Spacious Semi-Detached House in Damansara Is Given a Stylish Makeover to Look Like a Villa With Full-Size Pool

by Candyse

Semi-detached houses are great as they are big enough to accommodate a large family but it can be a pain to decorate which is where professional help comes in. In this semi-detached home located in Damansara, TWO’s Company performed their magic on the residence and made it into large, roomy, airy home that looks like a villa and the best part is that they even incorporated a full-size lap pool so the owners can throw parties or even just take a dip whenever they feel like it.

Although it may look slightly imposing from afar, as you step inside the house you will find that it is very homey and welcoming. The spacious living room is framed by large glass sliding doors that open out into the porch and the surrounding gardens are walled up so you have privacy but are able to feel like you’re immersed in nature. Red and black are used here as well for to jazz up the area.

Just next to the living room, the full-size pool is located right outside which makes it convenient if the residents plan to host a pool party. A little outdoor bar area serves as a great entertaining place and is awesome if you just want to chill and have a casual meal there. There’s also a cool BBQ grill outside just waiting for the residents to throw a party as there’s nothing Malaysians love more than a good party.

The decor inside the house leans more towards a rather rustic and vintage vibe with wooden furniture for the dining area and distressed shelves dotted around the home. However, the kitchen fittings are all complete with the most modern accessories and look the part too, thanks to its brushed steel appliances and gleaming white surfaces.

There’s a second living room on the first floor but this time it’s decked out in white and blue while several cosy bedrooms with balconies are located here as well. The bathrooms are done up in a more modern and minimalistic style but keep with the villa-like vibe and there’s also a gym room that’s perfect when the owners feel like they need to get more fit and toned.

All images are taken from TWO’s Company Facebook page unless otherwise stated.

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