This All-White Apartment May Be Small In Size But Makes a Huge Style Impact

by Candyse

Using white in your home can often be a hit or miss but in this beautiful cosy home in Rome, it works wonders to make it like something you can see in a magazine. Named Ethereal House which is designed by Brain Factory, it measures only 484 square feet but it packs a punch even with its smaller than average size.

They designed it to make sure that every inch of space is utilised well and together with the all-white colour palette which makes it look even more spacious and airy. In this open plan apartment, the first thing u see when u step into the house is the living room that is separated by the TV wall from the modern kitchen.

One of the best focal points in this room is the inspirational quote on the wall done in a light grey tone that makes it stand out and grab your attention. The windows placed cleverly on the other side is also a genius move that allows lots of natural light to illuminate the space that provides an illusion that the home is even more spacious than its original size.

Luckily, the high ceilings that are painted a similar white as the rest of the home help to make it look roomier as well. For a splash of colour, the designers decided to use some wooden flooring that breaks up the monotony and makes the home more welcoming.

This can also be seen in the accompanying bathroom that uses cool wooden tones to mix things up a little. Another pop of colour that isn’t too jarring with the rest of the home is in the bedroom, that has an opalescent feature wall that works as a headboard in pretty pastel colours to keep things stylish. Make sure to use inbuilt lighting whenever possible to save space as well.

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