8 Beautiful Balcony Decor For Your Home So You Can Enjoy Picturesque Views

by Candyse

Sometimes, we may be blessed enough to live in a home that has a balcony, no matter whether it is on a high rise or even just a normal terraced house. In fact, a balcony can often be the only outdoor access a person living in an apartment has, therefore it is important to style your balcony decor in a comfortable and charming way so that you can fully utilise that outdoor space.

1. Customised Balcony Seat (Balcony Decor)

If you have a big balcony then you can consider taking advantage of the space and installing a customised seat where you can lounge around and relax when you feel like it. Place a few other handy stools around so that you can place a drink or two on it or invite more guests to enjoy your balcony decor.


2. Contrasting Flooring (Balcony Decor)

Make the balcony a separate outdoor space by using different types of flooring for both the indoor and balcony space. That way, it sets the tone and decor for the different spaces and makes your home look much more spacious.


3. Swing Chair (Balcony Decor)

Installing a swing chair is a great way to make use of a small balcony which can be the perfect nook for you to curl up and just daydream away. Otherwise you can grab a good book and have a lazy afternoon at home.


4. Outdoor Dining Area

Sometimes, dining indoors can get boring so for a change of scenery, you can fix up your balcony to be an outdoor dining space that is both cosy and inviting. Just make sure you use durable and weather resistant coating on your furniture to make it long-lasting.


5. Comfy Daybed

Get a cosy daybed which you can use to snuggle into when the weather is right or whenever you just want to lounge around to enjoy some scenic views. String up some lights so when the night falls, the ambience instantly becomes oh-so-romantic.


6. Living Wall

Often balconies are an afterthought for home designers but space is limited then meaning they’re likely to have been given least consideration as compare to other rooms. As space will be limited, sprucing up the walls is a great way to liven it up. Alternatively, if you’d love to have some lush greenery in your balcony, you can consider installing a living wall that produces the same effect as an outdoor garden.


7. Low Maintenance Garden

For those of you who have green thumbs but do not have sufficient space to have a full-blown garden, then creating your personal garden in your small balcony is a must. Place some artificial grassĀ on the floor to recreate the look along with several of your favourite potted plants and hanging plant holders to freshen the air.


8. Simple and Rustic Furniture

Choose some clean and bright colours for your balcony to make it look classy and stylish all year around. Make sure that the furniture chosen is suitable to be placed outdoors and jazz it up by adding some lively green plants too.


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