Modern House By The Sea Uses Concrete For Sturdiness And An Industrial Look | The Concrete House by Ho Khue Architects

by Candyse

The Concrete House by Ho Khue Architects is renowned in Vietnam. It is located in Son Tra near Da Nang beach and stands out among the growing hospitality accommodations for the tourists there. One of the most important factors that the architects had to consider was the topographical changes in the area; which could cause the house to deteriorate faster than expected especially since it’s so close to the sea.

Exterior Area: The Concrete House by Ho Khue Architects

This four-storey house is in a plot area of 5m x 16m and because of the topography, the architects decided to go with a complete concrete buildup for the residence so that it could withstand the climate there. Monolithic concrete structures and good workmanship were required to create the stylish residence. As expected, there was a multitude of exposed concrete surfaces which were complemented with grindstone “granite” for a more elegant look.

The house is rather boxy and is actually inspired by playful imaginations of a children’s LEGO game. Each floor looks like it’s a stacked or sliding box block; and the visual impact of it is powerful yet fun. By doing so, the architects also manage to create many voids and open spaces; which allow airflow and makes the home look more spacious.

This also has the added benefit of ensuring that boxy block buildings are not boring but energetic. Since there are multiple open spaces, the architects made sure to bring it lots of greenery, especially to the large atrium inside to give the house more life. All spaces in the house are linked with functional corridor bridges or stairs and flow seamlessly.

Interior Area:

The decor inside is old school yet modern, which matches the house’s ambience perfectly. There’s a pool inside as well and lots of glass windows to allow the natural light to illuminate the home and make it look brighter. The central large atrium is the heart of the house and allows communication between the family members too.

All images are taken from Ho Khue Architects unless otherwise stated.

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