10 Amazing Living Room Designs with Exposed Brick Walls

by Meor

One very exciting living room design trend that’s making a comeback in recent years is: exposed brick walls. Grunge is in again, and it’s a look that will sure impress your guests.

1. The Classic Vintage Look

Nothing says ‘vintage’ better than leather (or faux leather) and wood. It may be classic, but it never gets old.


2. Brick Wall with Fireplace

Sure, you don’t really need a fireplace in the tropics but that doesn’t mean you can’t have one in your living room. Stack up some logs in the hearth and you’ll have the perfect conversation starter.


3. Throwback to the 70’s

You’d be surprised how well an exposed brick wall could fit into a 70’s design aesthetic. Slip a throw rug under that funky furniture to complete the look.


4. Glossy Black

Use contrast to your advantage. Complement a clean and polished design with just a touch of exposed brick. Don’t overdo it though – balance is key.


5. Spice Up that Corner

Sometimes you have an extra corner in your living room and don’t know what to do with it. You know what to do: brick it! You don’t even need the entire wall, but just enough to make it interesting.Source

6. Go All the Way

Do you even need paint? How about going all the way with full living room exposed brick walls? Not a look everyone can pull off, but it’s worth it when you do.


7. Beautiful Soothing Lines

There’s something soothing about straight lines and grids. Pair some beautiful brickwork with a striped floor and it’s geometric heaven for your eyes.


8. Whitewashed Brick Walls

Multicoloured red bricks don’t always match the furniture. Whitewashing adds some uniformity while also retaining the character of the brick design.


9. The Faded Look

Don’t shy away from the faded brick wall look. When used properly, it adds character to your interior.Source

10. Make it Your Own

In the end, it’s your living room. So don’t be afraid to go crazy if you want to (or not).


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