10 Beautiful Curtains Which You Must Have To Decorate Your Perfect Home

by Candyse

When your home has windows, it is the usual practice to hang some draperies in front to block the view into your home when you need some privacy or when the sunlight streaming is too much for your eyes. These curtains come in many style choices which can complete the fashionable look of your home. Draw some inspiration from this list.

1. Contemporary Black-and-White Curtains

Your modern home can look especially sleek and stylish with these sleek and stylish curtains that complement the rest of your decor perfectly. The bold black-and-white stripes make quite a statement without being overpowering.


2. Romantic Frilly Curtains

No feminine bedroom is complete without draperies fit for a princess. For the perfect girly room, curtains with dreamy puffs of frills are essential to fully enhance the look.


3. Jewel Tone Drapes

To create a luxurious feel to your home, just incorporate some nice jewel tones to your curtains such as emerald green or ruby reds and really spice up the room. It will instantly make your room feel more sophisticated.


4. Matching Shades

Sometimes it isn’t feasible to have curtains that you need to tie back or push back across your windows, which is where shades which you can pull up comes in handy. Get shades that match the rest of your room’s colour palette for a stylish area.


5. Organic Shades

Bring more of Mother Nature indoors to your home with the added element of some shades made in organic materials such as wood, bamboo or matchstick. It will lend an atmosphere of earthy yet elegant sophistication to your home.


6. Metallic Curtains

Adding curtains in a metallic shade into your home makes it appear more grand and luxurious, especially when paired with a classic metal rod. This look is timeless and can be easily matched with your home’s decor style.


7. Bold Red Style

While most may shy away from bright and bold colours such as red, the trick is to match it well with the rest of your decor. The red curtains go perfectly with the cushions that have touches of red and an eye-catching chair upholstered in the same colour family.


8. Sunny Yellow Style

Inject some fun into an otherwise bland room with the addition of some cheerful yellow curtains and playful touches such as animal print cushions. The colour also mimics sunlight and makes your room look brighter.


9. Ombre Style

Ombre is a recurring fashion trend that can be found in various objects such as hair, clothes, nails and even in your house’s decor. These beautiful ombre curtains certainly make the living room feel more lively and interesting.


10. Patterned Style

Curtains don’t have to be just one boring colour but instead you can choose to have some that are made of these subtly geometric-patterned fabric that makes your room look suitably dramatic. Just choose a bolder design if you want to make it look more exciting.


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