8 Types of Art Decor Furnishings to Spice Up Your Home

by Candyse

Art Deco style has been popular ever since the peak of this style back in the ’20s to 40s and is characterised by its bold, vibrant colours, intricate detailing and geometric patterns. By adding some key elements of this design in your home, you are bound to capture attention and make your home look super glam.

1. Art Deco Bedroom

This opulent bedroom is a great example of art deco style with its bold painting, sculptural lamps and intricate details on the bed. What’s more, the rich bedding and and quirky furniture completes the look.


2. Chic Art Deco Foyer

This foyer is elegant and showcases the owner’s great taste in art perfectly with the the French console that is decorated with several antique accessories. The sleek mirror and shining lamp sconces makes it look even more fashionable.


3. Art Deco Chandelier

A cosy little nook for a dining area is transformed into a classy art deco area with the addition of the heavy chandelier crafted in an art deco style. The vintage table and chairs matches with the rest of the decor.


4. Art Deco Living Room

This sophisticated living room boasts a backdrop of glossy ebony black on its walls which shows off the artwork perfectly. The chairs and curtains uses rich and luxurious fabrics that is paired with the gilded coffee table.


5. Art Deco Mirror

This bedroom may look rather simple and rustic if not for the heavy art deco mirror that is placed above the vanity table that immediately makes it looks refined. The vintage chair and sculptural lamp are timeless classics.


6. Regal Art Deco Living Room

This living room may be rather bland if not the vibrant artwork on the wall and the pop of colour added by the green throw pillows on the couch. In addition, the vintage armchair and bench adds to the grandness provided by the heavy silk curtains.


7. Green Art Deco Living Room

Art deco style frequently uses bold colours to make an emphasis on certain aspects of the room and this vibrant living room is transformed with its green felt walls. That matching vintage armchair and throw pillows give a unifying element while the elaborate ceiling boasts a gorgeous pattern.


8. Extravagant Art Deco Bedroom

This bedroom is a classic example of art deco style that looks inviting and pretty at the same time. With the rich tapestry on the wall and the beds upholstered in a nature inspired print, the muted green tones of the other soft furnishings looks awesome with it.


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