12 Vintage Interior Design Which You Can’t Miss

by Candyse

Many people mistakenly assume that vintage means old, but it actually encompasses so much more. By decorating your home in a vintage style, you are actually celebrating the charm and glory of bygone eras. It is all about embracing the historical pieces you find and making it an integral part of your home to turn it into something beautiful.

1. Use Earthy Tones and Gold Accents

Too much gold in a room can seem rather gaudy and trying-too-hard, so make sure you use it sparingly to keep things looking classy. Because these gold tones should be the focal points in the room, downplay the rest of the room’s furniture and furnishing by pairing them with some warm, earthy tones.


2. Choose Intricate Designs

If you have a spacious enough house, it would be advisable to go all out and decorate your home with luxurious and intricate accents. Look for elaborate detailing and wonderfully patterned items to make it work.


3. Princess Bed

Always dreamed of being a princess in fairytale land? Well, it may not be achievable in real life but you can pretend you are one when you are in your bedroom! Get a vintage bed that is perfect for even Sleeping Beauty herself and decorate the room just like how a princess would prefer.


4. Invest in a Statement Piece

Sometimes you get lucky and stumble across a treasure find when you are sourcing for antique pieces. And because it is such a show-stopper, it is advisable to tone down the other pieces of furniture and let that piece stand out in the spotlight.


5. Modern and Vintage

While it may seem impossible to mix these two contradictory elements together, it is actually doable with the right decor. Just pick a few vintage designs to be included into your modern home and watch it transform.


6. Choose a Theme

Vintage styles can come from many eras, in order to keep your home from looking too cluttered, it is best to stick to one main era or vintage design. Once you have decided which era you want your home to emulate, start decorating.


7. Go Eccentric

While it isn’t advisable to go full-on eccentric, you can incorporate a few eccentric pieces into a starkly decorated room to liven it up and make it more vintage looking. Keep your pieces limited and you will find that you have a striking home.


8. Use Unconventional Pieces

Decorating your house in a vintage style is charming but sometimes you want to break up the monotony of just focusing on antique items. Instead, you can put a few pieces made of glass or porcelain to keep things interesting, especially if you have a forgiving colour scheme.


9. Cute Pastels

Traditional vintage designs stick to a few tried-and-tested colour palettes but you can experiment and use some cute pastel colours too. Just remember to add a few classic items such an elaborate candlestick, luxurious chandelier and other ornaments spice things up.


10. Ornate Armchairs

Sometimes, your home might not be roomy enough to fit a massive sofa. But that’s fine, because you can go for armchairs as well. Decorate your home with these intricately designed armchairs, matching mirror and luxurious candlesticks to turn it vintage.


11. Luxurious Kitchen Lights

There isn’t much call for luxurious materials in a kitchen but this doesn’t mean you can’t turn it into the vintage style you have always wanted. Focus on making the lighting fixtures and ceiling lights into something grand for that vintage vibe.


12. Vintage Bathroom

It may seem only bathtubs come in that glamorous vintage design you like so much, but it may surprise you to discover that shower units also have pretty vintage styles. Incorporate floral wallpaper into your bathroom to give it more that retro charm.


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