8 Chandeliers to Make Your Home Look Awesome

by Candyse

Chandeliers are often associated with grandeur and pomp to serve their purpose in lighting up a home with their gorgeous lights. It not only serves as a lighting fixture, but can be the centerpiece of your home to make it look more elegant and stylish.

1. Coloured Chandelier

Often, we see chandeliers that are sparklingly gorgeous but neutral coloured to mix in well with the surroundings. Try matching the chandelier colour to your decor’s colour palette and make it the centerpiece of the room.


2. Ornate Ball Chandelier

Even if you have a large room and a small chandelier, choosing an elaborate one would work just as well. This is because the intricate details give it an added weight.


3. Modern Chandelier

A chandelier does not have to be this huge, hanging lights that you often envision in your mind’s eye. In fact, adding a modern and simple chandelier into your room can make an equally outstanding statement piece.


4. Elegant Candlelight Chandelier

The old-timey feel of an antique candlelight chandelier makes the whole room feel much more glamorous and charming. In this modern day and age, it doesn’t actually have to use real candles because it would be terribly inconvenient.


5. Striking White Chandelier

Simply adding a chandelier into your home will make it look like it’s ready for a photoshoot and this amazing chandelier has never made you feel more like royalty in your own bedroom. Using an all-white palette to match the chandelier makes it stand out even more.


6. Classic Crystal Chandelier

While you may think that this classic is old-fashioned, but remember, old is gold! It adds a sophisticated, fairy-like feel to the room and makes it a much more romantic space.


7. Pendant Wave Chandelier

The gorgeous wave design on this chandelier is simply to-die-for, as it immediately becomes the focal point of the whole room. The elegant dining room looks like it is going to be showered in crystals as the different lengths creates a wave effect. What’s more, it doesn’t make the room look stiff but the whimsical wave pattern actually gives a breath of fresh air to the dining room.


8. Quirky Birdcage Chandelier

This funky chandelier is a guaranteed attention-grabber and will definitely have your guests exclaiming over it’s uniqueness. Pairing it with a magnificent teal blue wall makes the chandelier pop even more. It’s also a great way to add a little more character to an otherwise bland room.


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