6 Jaw-Dropping Ways to Make Your Home Light and Airy Without Focusing On White

by Candyse

It doesn’t matter whether you have a big or small house, as most people would want their residence to look airy and spacious as it will make it look much better. While this can usually be achieved with shades of white, this can get boring and dull but fret not, as we have some great ideas that don’t always involve just white.

1. Use Transparent Decor

Transparent or translucent items look really cool and futuristic, just like this dining room that has a dark, rich wooden dining table paired with transparent chairs. The transparent chairs allow the light to filter through and makes it look as if it is hardly there at all which really brightens up the space.


2. Decorate with Pale Neutral Colours

Using an all-white palette is an easy option to make the room look bigger but for a more stylish appeal, consider pale neutral colours such as beige, cream, blond or other similar shades. This can all blend seamlessly to make it look really spacious.


3. Go Blue

You may be surprised to know this but blue shades are actually quite light and airy, especially if you choose from the paler side of the spectrum. We’re loving this house with the light blue colour that lends a coastal air and makes the room feel like a breath of fresh air.


4. Big Windows

Windows are great for letting in that natural light to illuminate your home and give it an illusion of space so make sure you incorporate that into your home. The bright glow will light up the house and make it look really cheerful, especially if you have a picturesque view.


5. Think Pastel

Pastel colours are another awesome way to bring colour into a room while still ensuring that it stays bright and spacious. The light shades create a seamless look that has a very airy feel to the room.


6. Light It Up

Keep things lit (literally) with some gorgeous light fixtures that will ensure that your home has enough light to brighten the space. Built-in lights are a clever, space-saving way while pretty chandeliers and pendant lamps add a unique touch to your home.


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