12 Bookshelves Ideas That will Make Any Bookworm Happy

by Candyse

It doesn’t matter whether your are a book lover or have barely read a whole book in your life. Having some nice bookshelves ideas in your home can make it look better and in turn make you seem smarter. And having a gorgeous bookshelf could be the start of a good reading habit.

1. Equilibrium Bookshelf

This quirky tilted bookshelf might make you think that it is going to be tipping over anytime soon, but don’t be fooled because it is specially designed to be this way. It is actually very sturdy and durable.


2. Tree Bookcase

This fun tree can double as some cute wall art when it’s empty or as a cool bookcase for your favourite books. Just fit your books according to the shelf’s branches any way you like.


3. Minimalistic Bookshelf

Have many books that you want to display proudly? Then this cool modern and minimalist design is perfect for you as it allows you to showcase your latest reads.


4. Pyramid Bookcase

This funky bookcase has an amazingly adaptable design and can be placed in modern homes, rustic cabins or even a Scandinavian styled house. Don’t worry, it won’t fall over as its perfectly steady.


5. Geometric Bookshelf

This bookshelf made up of boxy shapes has mirror-finished inserts which allows the shelf to create more depth and light to keep the shelf interesting. Besides, it can also be used to store other items, not just books.


6. Invisible Bookshelf

This awesome bookshelf is actually really simple and the effect produced is really cool. Your guests will think that your book is actually floating n the air when actually there is a metal bar at the bottom supporting it all.


7. READ Bookshelf

What better way to cultivate a good reading habit then by constantly reminding yourself to read with this quirky bookshelf. Fill up the spaces quickly with your favourite books with these bookshelves ideas.


8. Reminder Bookshelf

Always being forgetful and can’t remember which books you have actually read? This nifty little bookcase will help you do so with a corner stating “has been read” while another says “will be read”.


9. Hanging Bookwave

This flowing wave design looks great in any home and you can even store items in between the waves, depending on the size of the item. If not, you can also place other items there as a storage shelf.


10. Rolling Bookcase

You know how they say sitting for too long isn’t good for your body? Well, this bookcase encourages movement as you can walk in it similarly to a hamster’s wheel. Otherwise, when you get tired just sit down and resume reading in it.


11. Stacked Teacup Bookshelf

It may not be teatime yet but who says teacups can only be used for drinking tea? These cute upside down teacup shapes make for a fantastic and funky bookshelf design.

12. Bookseat

Every good bookworm knows that next to a juicy book to bury their nose into, the most important thing is finding the perfect spot to settle down with your book. This bookseat has both, storage space for your all-time favourites and a nice curved seat for you to enjoy your next read.


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