6 Really Cool Ways to Rock That Bold Red Accent Look in Your Home

by Candyse

Don’t be afraid to decorate with red as it is a very attention-grabbing colour that can really make the colour scheme in your home pop and dress it up well. That being said, it is a little tricky to incorporate in your home but don’t worry because we are here to help you out!

1. Red 3D Floor Inserts

For a totally gorgeous and futuristic look, you can try laying down this beautiful floor insert done in a bold red design that is bound to make an impression on anyone. It’s super bold so do make sure your other furnishings are keep minimalistic so that this red accent can stand out.


2. Ultra Modern Red Bedroom

A bedroom is a relaxing place and your sanctuary when you are tired out from a long day. Adorning it in various red accents will ensure that you start your day right and with the luxurious white shag rug underfoot, it helps to tone down the vibrant red tones.


3. Red Geometric Stairs

If you have stairs at home then this is a good idea to transform it into a floating staircase to that looks like a work of art. Not only does it look ultra modern, it uses red accents in a really cool but unobtrusive way.


4. Red Kitchen Cabinets

It is very important for a kitchen to have cabinets and if you are wracking your brains on how to decorate these kitchen cabinets then you can consider this vibrant red colour. The industrial concrete floor and grey cinder block walls perfectly balance it out.


5. Fun Red Living Room

Inject some fun into your living room with these unconventional and quirky decors that will certainly delight any guest that comes into your home. However, the piece de resistance in your home has got to be the elegant yet bold chandelier that illuminates the entire space.


6. Vintage Red Table

An easy and timeless way to add some red accents into your home is to use the colour on a vintage piece. This will not only update a retro piece to become something that fits into modern surroundings but make the space looks dramatic as well.


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