6 Gorgeous and Creative Ways You Can Use Sand to Decorate Your Home

by Candyse

It may not have occurred to you to use sand as a decor item in your home but did you know that this common item that you can find everywhere can actually make some pretty decorations? If you are still unsure on how to get started, read on to get inspired by these awesome sand decor for your home.

1. Candle Holder

Candles make a great centerpiece for your table and to add a fresh twist to this decor item, you can consider using sand for a more coastal and fun atmosphere. All you need to do is place your candles in a clear glass vase, fill it with some sand to ensure that the candle stays upright and even place some shells if you want to for a cool candle holder.


2. Coloured Sand Jars

Inject some colour into your home with these simple jars that are filled with some vibrantly coloured sand. To make it even more eye-catching, you can place some decorative items inside for a more unique look.


3. Sand-Covered Planters

If you have any planters at home that look rather plain and boring then you can try out this idea. You need to prepare some Elmer’s glue for your planter so that your sand can adhere nicely to the surface and after you are done, you can dress it up even more with some ribbons and shells.


4. Ornaments

Ornaments are not just for the Christmas tree but can be used anywhere in your house and anytime of the year, especially when you make such beautiful ones. Fill up an empty ornament shell with some sand and shells or anything else you fancy and then decorate the exterior with some ribbons to make it look even prettier.


5. Sand Wall Art

Sand is actually a very good medium to create some unique and beautiful art that can be used to jazz up those plain walls at home. This is a very simple and fun project you can do easily with just some canvas, sand and double sided tape. Get creative with the shapes you want.


6. Sandy Clock

Practically everyone has a clock or two in their homes so that they can keep track of the time and this timepiece deserves your attention too. Why not spice it up a little with some sand and glitter on its clock face stuck together with some strong glue?


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