7 Ingenious Ways to Use Glass Partitions To Redefine the Space in Your Home

by Candyse

Open plan spaces are well and good but sometimes you just want to section different parts of your home to make it look more organised or maybe you just want more privacy. Of course, there are so many different kinds of partitions these days that range from thick and sturdy to the see-through, non-permanent type for times when you just want to temporarily screen off a certain area. But for this article, we’ll be focusing on glass partitions that offer some privacy but still making your home look bright and airy due to the glass.

1. Sloping Glass Partitions

Although this one doesn’t offer much privacy, it works well to separate the private space, the bedroom, from the public space, the living room, so it looks neater.


2. Folding Glass Partition

Similar to point #1, this one works in separating the function of the rooms and creates a little more privacy by adding the curtains at the glass panels.


3. Glass Partition Shower Area

Hate wet floors in your bathroom? Then partitioning your shower area from the rest of your bathroom like this one is a great idea to minimise this issue.


4. Kitchen Glass Partition

This one is a great idea too especially if you don’t want the cooking smells to seep to other parts of your house.


5. Elegant Bathroom Partition

The glass panels in this shower area have a thicker black frame which complements the pattern on the floor and meshes well with the rest of the decor.


6. Indoor Garden Partition

This little indoor garden is sectioned off with glass panels that look almost like a window and if you’re sitting inside, then it looks like a very pretty picture.


7. Black Frame Windows

While not exactly a partition per se, using these panels as the windows really help to redefine the space; and allows lots of natural light to illuminate the dining area.


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