5 Really Pretty Ways to Use Velvet Decor In Your Home Stylishly

by Candyse

Velvet may be a more traditional type of fabric but everyone knows that old is gold so it using this material in your home gives it an air of elegance and class. There are many ways that you can incorporate this luxurious fabric into your home so read on to find out more.

1. Velvet Sofa

Make a statement in your living room by adding a gorgeous sofa upholstered in velvet that will instantly give a touch of class in your home. Choose outstanding colours such as deep jewel shades or bold hues like emerald, red, sapphire or gold.


2. Velvet Dining Chairs

Your dining room should be the place where everyone congregates to have a satisfying meal which means that you should make sure that it is decorated well.  Use velvet dining chairs so that everyone can have a comfy seat at the table and pair them with silver to make it look even more luxurious.


3. Velvet Headboard

A headboard on your bed is a very important piece that will make it look complete and also ensure that it looks stylish. Incorporating a headboard made of velvet fabric is an ingenious idea that will really make a difference in your bedroom especially if you pair it with some modern touches.


4. Velvet Ottoman

Think out of the box and use an ottoman as a coffee table instead of another boring piece of furniture in your living room. Choose one that is slightly bigger and upholstered in velvet while for the perfect addition to your home and with the additional storage space at the bottom, you can put more stuff there.


5. Velvet Bedding

Feel like royalty every night when you slip in between your velvet bedding and get ready to drift off into dreamland. Velvet fabric feels really comfy and lush when used as bedding and adds a regal touch to your bed as well.


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