7 Types of Creative Partition To Create Extra Room For Your Small Home

by Candyse

Creating a separate space or area often requires us to construct a solid, physical barrier in order to define each space for its own functions, but our imaginations are limited by the hard walls that we see commonly used everywhere. Actually, there are so many ingenious ways of creating a creative partition that we can use. Here are some clever ideas you can use, especially if you have a small home.

1. Creative Wood Slats

A room divider doesn’t have to be totally solid to clearly define the space. You can choose to construct a wall that has cleverly designed gaps which lets in the light. This also means that your home looks brighter and more roomy as it allows the light to filter through.


2. Multipurpose Shelves

If your home is already tiny, you want to make sure that you fully utilise every available inch of space whether it is horizontal or vertical. So, you look at your walls and find that you can actually make them into shelves for your books, knickknacks and more.


3. Sliding Doors

While sliding doors may be somewhat of a cliche in small homes, there’s no denying that they definitely serve their purpose and can be beautiful if you choose the right ones. Plus, if you want the space to be bigger, just slide it open and if you want privacy? Just slide it shut! Super simple.


4. Use A Decorative Piece

Have a piece of decor that you would like to display but your home has limited space? Make it do double duty as a creative partition and also to beautify your home! Remember to choose something to complements your room’s design so that it won’t look too jarring.


5. Cool Fibre Optic Strings

This is a totally innovative way to divide the space in your home. Invest in fully functional fiber optic strings that go from ceiling to floor which will give your room a modern, futuristic vibe.


6. A Living, Breathing Partition

The benefits of having green plants in an enclosed space are already widely known to many of us, but instead of only having a few potted plants, why not go all out? Construct a whole divider made of your favourite climbing, leafy plants! You can try any combination of plants that suit your fancy.


7. Built-In Fish Tank

Do you love fish but there isn’t much space in your room for a fish tank? Kill two birds with one stone by constructing a built-in fish tank for your beloved fishes. Not only will it make a statement piece and be an awesome conversation starter, your guests will definitely love your home. To make it even more of a statement, you could decide to install a planted tank that has live plants. This will make it look even more natural, as you can have tall oxygenating plants as well as fine, small moss plants to add more texture.


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