8 Beautiful Front Gates Which Will Complete Your Home Makeover

by Candyse

The first thing that your guests will see is the front gate of your home so you will need to choose a design that is warm and welcoming. Not only does the front gate have to have aesthetic appeal but it also needs to be safe and secure so that you will be guarded from any unwanted intruders. Here are some stunning designs to install in your home.

1. Elaborate Round Gate

This design is perfect for units in condominiums as you do not have much options to install big gates. Complete with intricate details on the gate and backed with some thick fiberglass for added security this is a beautiful design.


2. Vivid Double Gate

Often, gates are coated with a neutral colour so that it can be matched with the rest of the house. However, this awesome double gates are painted a bright colour to make it look more interesting and lively.


3. Bronze Steel Gate

This sturdy and large gate is suitable for houses big enough to carry it off and while it may look simple at first, the curved lines on the gate makes it look sophisticated. The paved stone walkway in front adds to its sophistication.


4. Intricate Steel Gates

This stunning design certainly looks creative and adds character to your home while making a statement. Made of steel, you can be sure that it is sturdy enough to secure your home.


5. Aluminium and Wrought Iron Gate

Mixing both metal elements together makes this gate look modern and contemporary especially when it is used for different elements of the design. It also makes the house look grand and stylish.


6. Modern and Simple Wooden Gate

Wood can be a very good material for your front gate as well as it looks so much more warm. The simple and clean lines of this gate is made interesting with clear panels at either side so that you can take a peek at any incoming visitors while still maintaining your privacy.


7. Quirky Aluminium Gates

Aluminium is a long lasting material that is light but sturdy enough to provide safety and security for your home. This cool gate incorporates funky round designs to really make a statement.


8. Wood and Metal Gate

Mixing both wood and metal elements together to create one beautiful gate, this house is sure to stand out from the rest in the neighbourhood especially with its whimsical patterns. Its design also keeps the interior of your home safe from prying eyes.