8 Bold and Colourful Designs to Incorporate in Your Home

by Candyse

Bright and beautiful colours have the power to uplift our mood and makes the home look more cheerful and bubbly. Often, we hardly dare to use vivid colours in our home for fear of a strong and bold colour for fear that it will overpower the area. Let us inspire you on some awesome colourful ideas to spice up your home’s decor.

1. Patterned Wallpaper

Add colour to your room by choosing to use patterned wallpaper on one of your walls to make it your feature wall. It allows you to brighten up your space without being too overpowering. Remember to match the colours back to your furniture to tie the look together.


2. Statement Chair

Dress up your living room with a flash of colour in a bold and bright armchair or sofa. Pair it with eclectic throw cushions or pouffe to make it look more interesting.


3. Combine Colours

Contrasting shades breathe new life into your home and makes it look more striking. If you are afraid of going overboard, choose one of the colours in a slightly more muted shade and play around with different textures to add character.


4. Bright Kitchen Walls

Show off your funky personality with vivid-coloured walls in the kitchen to match the rest of your colourful home. Bold accessories to complement the walls make the colours more outstanding.


5. Striking Colour Theme

Going neutral can get boring sometimes and there’s where colours come in, because you can immediately make an impact with the right colours. This wonderful purple is matched with other neutral colours so that it doesn’t become too overpowering and still looks stylish.


6. Soft Pink Kitchen

Although the soft pink walls are rather muted, it provides the perfect backdrop for the warm wooden tones that is used for the rest of the kitchen. To make the colour pop even more, bold blue tones are used for some of the other key kitchen furniture.


7. Lush Green Bedroom

The bedroom is a place of calm and relaxation but this doesn’t mean that you can’t use bold colours to make it look more outstanding. This bedroom provides and oasis of peace with its vivid green walls which are toned down with the soft creamy bedding.


8. Sunshine Bathroom

Yellow is a very warm and inviting colour that adds drama to any space. The traditional bathroom is jazzed up with some beautiful yellow mosaic tiles that is complemented with some creamy white and other shades of yellow and gold to make it look more elegant.


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