5 Ingenious Tricks You Can Use to Mix and Match Prints in Your Home Decor

by Candyse
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Patterns and prints can be quite difficult to use in your home as you don’t want the designs to overpower your decor and make it look too busy. However, it is actually quite easy to mix and match patterns to create a fresh new look and we’re here to show you how.

1. Pick From Same Colour Family

Different patterns can go really well together as long as you remember the basics which are to use patterns from the same colour family. This will ensure that the look is distinctive and makes a cohesive statement even when you have several patterns in the same space.


2. Dramatic and Simple

This home looks lovely thanks to the usage of a mesh of dramatic and simple pattern on the wall and the furniture. The dramatic prints on the wallpaper against a dark hue look really awesome while the neutral and simple print on the ottoman helps to balance the look.


3. Use Open Floor Spaces

If you love patterns and don’t want them to overwhelm your home then you need an open floor space where you can freely display all the patterns you fancy in the same place. Use many patterns in bright colour in a room with a neutral background to allow the patterns to be in the limelight.


4. Go Geometric

When in doubt about what kind of patterns you should use, choose geometric patterns as they match well together. You can go simple or elaborate but with the geometric theme, it will really liven up any space in your home.


5. Use Large Patterns on Large Spaces

If you have many patterns that you want to incorporate in your home then make sure to choose the largest size one to put in the largest space so that it will not overpower the rest of your patterns. This room has the largest sized and most outstanding pattern on the floor which is accentuated by other patterns on the throw pillows.


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