8 Cute and Whimsical Animal Themed Decor to Cheer Up Your Home

by Candyse

Don’t be mistaken into thinking that having animal themed decorations in your house means that you have to use loud leopard print decor. Instead, you will find that there are so many stylish choices to incorporate some quirky animal themed decor in your home that you will wonder why you haven’t thought of it sooner.

1. Flock of Birds

Having an empty wall can look rather plain so dress it up with this flock of birds that are flying across the air. You can do this by sticking on some handy wall stickers or even painting them on the wall if you are artistic enough.


2. Crocheted Fox

If you have the skills to crochet then making this incredibly cute crocheted cover for your storage bins or other smaller items can really make a difference in your home. Go with any design you want to bring some playfulness into your house.


3. Wildlife Lamp

Show your love for wildlife animals with a cute little table lamp that will brighten your home. It doesn’t have to be a raccoon but we must say this is a really cute idea.


4. Animal Silhouette

Hanging up a cute little graphic of an animal friend in your home is a great idea as it adds some warmth and fun into the space. Choose a bold colour to make it really pop against your wall.


5. Elephant Pillow

Throw pillows or cushions in your home can make it really cosy but you can jazz it up even more by adding some playful animal themed decor on the covers. If you can’t find the animal that you want, DIY your own with some fabric crayons and a hot iron for an instant transformation.


6. Decoupage Birds Dresser

Do you have an old dresser or shelves that look tired and boring? You can easily spice it up by adding some quirky designs like these pretty birds perching on some branches which makes it look stylish and elegant.


7. Doggy Bookends

A perfect idea for bookworm that loves dogs, you can be sure that these pooches will guard your books well when you store it away. The vivid colour makes it look really eye catching.


8. Jellyfish Pendant Lamps

This really cool and quirky pendant lamps are the focal point of the room; and is bound to attract the attention of anyone once they enter the room. It’s not such a far-fetched idea either as there are some species of jellyfish that actually do glow.


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