7 Top Interior Design Firms in Malaysia That Can Help You Make Your Dream Home a Reality

by Candyse

So you finally have your own property and have grand plans for it to make it become your dream home. After all, you have done your homework and have a general idea of what you want in your home but here’s where you get stuck because you don’t really know how to make it a reality. Well, don’t fret because we have a list of experienced interior design Malaysia firms that can help you out.

1. Yong Studio


This prestigious interior design Malaysia firm truly puts their heart and soul into understanding the vision you have for your home and they fully respect that. They will be with you every step of the way from ideation to fruition to bring your dream home to life. Some of the services on offer include interior design, renovations, and design-and-build turnkey solutions and best of all, they respect the owners’ budget while still making sure their work is high quality.


2. Paperspace Malaysia


Founded by Winston Zane See and Amy Ang Yi-Mae in November of 2016, both of these passionate architects wanted to build a design studio that would challenge the norms and they have done so with aplomb. They are widely known in the industry and always puts their customers’ needs first so that they can create the perfect space for them.


3. O2 Design Atelier


This award-winning intimate design studio is the brainchild of Edric Choo Poo Liang and they pride themselves on being very adaptable to owners’ needs and wants in their home. In addition, O2DA believes in designing spaces that integrate with the environment to cause the least upheaval to the fragile ecosystem while still being able to craft your dream residence,

4. Fabian Tan Architect


An established architect, Fabian Tan decided to start his own practice in 2012. His studio has an impressive portfolio that has garnered international attention thanks to its uniqueness and beauty. Fabian Tan shys away from conventionality and makes the whole place look fluid and flexible so that your home will look like a work of art.


5. Dr Tan LM Architect


Another prestigious design studio in Malaysia, Dr Tan’s style has been said to be interpreting regionalism in a modern social context and he wants his designs to add value for everyone. He strives to achieve the delicate balance between standardisation and that extra touch that makes his work special. He has been awarded numerous awards for his designs as well.


6. TWO’s Company


This boutique property design and development business has been steadily making a name for themselves over the years. They were previously known as JTJ Design. They are not only good at creating your dream abode but they also buy properties to make them over. This studio strongly believes that incorporating the environment into their projects is key and always put their customers’ needs first.

7. Studio Bikin


This awesome design studio began in 2012 and they handle a broad range of projects. It ranges from office interiors to private dwellings, from the urban to rural context as they are incredibly versatile. Your vision of your soon-to-be perfect home will be well taken care of as they thrive on exciting briefs and achieve the best results.

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