8 Masculine Ways to Decorate Your Home for the Ultimate Bachelor Pad

by Candyse

If you’re a single male living in your own bachelor pad, then you definitely want your home to embody your personality to show your suave stylishness. Create your own oasis of calm at home with these awesome masculine touches that are beautifully timeless.

1. Deep Dark Living Room

Masculine vibes tend to emanate from rooms that uses dark colours such as black, brown and gray such as this spacious and stylish living room. Most of the decor tend to use dark and warm tones such as brown and black for both the floor and walls. However, the light gray feature wall breaks up the monotony to make it look more interesting.


2. Black and Gold Living Room

Black and gold actually go very well together and you’ll be surprised to know that these two colours can come together to create a dashingly masculine room. Mix and match your decor in these two colours to really bring out the contrast and add a touch of luxury to your bachelor pad.


3. Minimalistic Blue Bedroom

Often, a masculine styled room uses dark colours but this cool blue bedroom uses shades of blue to create an comfy and bright sanctuary. The different shades of blue complement each other perfectly while the warm wood accent completes the look.


4. Luxurious Bedroom

Your bedroom is one of the most personal rooms in your house, so it should definitely reflect your personality. Since you’re a gentleman, this opulent vintage look is perfect for you as it is vaguely reminiscent of the ancient gentlemen clubs’ decor with its rich furnishings.


5. Rugged Kitchen

In this modern day and age, a man is expected to be able to cook as well as a woman so there’s no excuse for you to have a shabby kitchen. Use rough-hewn and hard, weathered surfaces in your kitchen that will last as long as it looks. Smooth finishes can be used in small doses to offset the effect.


6. Stylish and Manly Kitchen

If you prefer your kitchen to sport a more polished look then you can consider choosing more contemporary styles that feature sleek lines. This kitchen uses simple, clean decor that is glammed up with some quirky candlesticks and matching chandelier along with the gorgeous backsplash.


7. Bare Concrete Bathroom

Nothing says macho quite like a bathroom that is fully cloaked in bare concrete. Of course, this may be too harsh for everyday use so tone it down by mimicking the style and feel of bare concrete with some subtle tiles that will make it look more sophisticated.


8. Ultra Modern Bathroom

In this clean and sophisticated masculine bathroom, the design almost looks futuristic, thanks to its sharp lines and minimalist decor. However, the star of the show has got to be the outstanding rain shower area that comes with lights.


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