Strikingly Modern Penthouse with Minimalist Decor Is Super Sleek and Spacious

by Candyse

It can be hard to get the inspiration you need to design a beautiful home sometimes but if you are looking for a strikingly modern one then you can model your home after this design. This penthouse located in Stockholm, Sweden is the epitome of cool, clean and contemporary that makes it the perfect dream home for minimalists.

It’s supposed to be an apartment style home but because it’s a penthouse, you will find lots of space to play around with some sleek and futuristic decor. This penthouse is palatial and airy, thanks to its high ceilings and bright, white colour palette to make it look even more spacious.

A true example of the popular Nordic architecture and style, the home boasts plenty of windows and skylights to let in as much natural light as possible to illuminate the home. The neutral whites are warmed up by the natural wooden elements in the home which are found in the flooring of the living room, the neat little winding staircase, the kitchen as well as the bedrooms.

Although the rest of the home may seem to be made up of sharp, clean corners, the winding staircase tones down the look for added flair to the house. You can glam it up even more with some distinct embellishments or glitzy decor so that you can make a grand descent down from the upper level which would be super cool.

The contemporary bathroom is adorned in an all-white decor as well with a no-frills bathtub for days when you want to soak away your stress and worries after a long day. However, the matching light grey walls and floor provides some contrast to tone down the whites and will provide a good background for any further decor whim that takes your fancy. This house is gorgeous already but if you want to jazz it up a little, it would be ultra stylish too.

All images from Trendir unless otherwise stated.

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