7 Beautiful Ways to Use Vibrant and Bold Wallpaper to Create a Feature Wall

by Candyse

Often, your walls are neglected and just have a mere brush of paint to adorn it, as people often mistakenly think that this is enough. If you don’t know how to spice up your walls then try using wallpaper for a fast and easy way to get pretty walls in a jiffy. You can even use bold wallpaper to create a feature wall easily, read on to find out how.

1. Nature-themed Wallpaper

This black-based wallpaper teeming all over with flora and fauna makes a mesmerising feature wall. With such a strong wallpaper, you don’t need much deco, just some simple chairs and table.


2. Colourful Pastel Wallpaper

Some soft pastel colours as your wallpaper make for a great feature wall and look aesthetically pleasing. The elegant chair and lamp complement the decor perfectly.


3. Stylish Geometric Wallpaper

Dress up your wall with some chic geometric-style wallpaper that looks mildly hypnotising. A matching geometric floor pattern looks good when paired together like this too.


4. Leaf-themed Wallpaper

You wouldn’t expect it but just leaves alone look really awesome too. Paired with a contrasting wainscoting wall and neutrally-coloured furniture, it creates a trendy look.


5. Intricate Patterned Wallpaper

Make a feature wall with an intricately patterned wallpaper that is unassuming but catches your attention at the same time. Other accessories complement the look for a stylish living room.


6. Delicate Leaf Pattern Wallpaper

This beautiful and delicate leaf pattern is perfect if you want a feature wall that’s elegant but eye-catching. The muted blues look great with some shimmering gold furniture.

7. Fragmented Wallpaper

This is a very clever wallpaper that looks as if it’s made of fragmented glass and adds visual interest as a feature wall too. It’s bold and beautiful, elevating the room’s aesthetic to another level. The light feature is also unique and striking.


These vibrant and bold wallpaper ideas will definitely style up your room with minimal effort if you are willing to try it out yourself. However if you are more into classic vintage style, take a look at our vintage style wallpaper article for more inspiration and ideas.

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