8 Nifty Ways to Make Your Home More Pet-Friendly Decor for Your Furkids

by Candyse

Having a cute furry little pet at home is quite the norm for most of us these days but not many of us actually put much thought in making our home safe and comfortable for them. It’s actually not that hard to transform your home into a comfy environment for your furkids, and here are a few tricks to have pet-friendly decor and keep them happy at home.

1. Consider Suitable Flooring (Pet-Friendly Decor)

You need to choose a durable and sturdy flooring that can withstand stains and scratches. A general rule of the thumb is you do not want to go for carpets as it can get dirty really fast.


2. Choose Hardy Fabrics (Pet-Friendly Decor)

The fabrics of your upholstery is a cause for concern especially if your pets are used to cuddling with you on the couch. Stay away from white as dirt shows up the easiest and delicate fabrics such as silk. Go for denim, canvas or microfiber for fabrics that last long for your house’s pet-friendly decor.


3. Use Paint (Pet-Friendly Decor)

Walls can be easily damaged by kitties or doggies that inadvertently brush up against them when they are prowling about the house. Expensive wallpaper should be used only in places where your pets don’t usually visit and instead, use paint to decorate your walls, where stains can be easily removed.


4. Store Collectibles Away

Having lots of breakable things lying around in the open is just asking for trouble if you have a couple of furkids hanging around. Hence, it is better to keep them safe and sound in a display cabinet and close the door firmly.


5. Remove Toxic Items

Just like a child, your pet doesn’t know how to distinguish from a poisonous and non-poisonous item so it’s best to keep them all away safely. Take note that there are plants that are toxic for animals and remove them from your household in case your pet ingests it.


6. Create a Window View

Your pet will get bored of facing the same four walls at home so why not make them happier and provide a safe view for them to keep them entertained. Make sure the window is secure and there are proper screens to avoid any unwanted escaping incidents.


7. Get Removable Fabrics

Accidents are bound to happen so be prepared for them beforehand by using removable fabrics that can be easily washed. Great examples are throw blankets, duvet covers and slipcovers that can be thrown in the washing machine and don’t require special treatment.


8. Make a Special Spot

Just like you, your pet loves a little personal space to call their own; and turning a little corner into their special place is a great idea. They can head there to daydream and get cosy while waiting for you to come back home from work.


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