6 Jaw-Dropping Aquascaping Ideas That’ll Be An Eye-Catching Addition to Any Home

by Candyse

You’ve heard of terrariums which are tiny gardens done up in a sealable glass container and also plain old gardening, done in the outdoors if you’re lucky enough to have the space. Now, have you heard about aquascaping before? It is exactly what its name sounds like, gardening underwater that is achieved by using aquatic plants in an aquarium. It’s great if you love aquatic plants and don’t have much space for an actual garden. Here, we have some beautiful examples of aquascaping to get you started.

1.  Lush Jungle Style Aquascape

Mimicking a natural forest, this verdant aquascape looks eye-catching in a modern aquarium. The driftwood is arranged to look like a large tree in a jungle.


2. Tiny Aquascape

This one is almost like a terrarium but featuring aquatic plants instead. An aquascape like this is great if you don’t have a lot of space but still want some greenery.


3. Walstad Style Aquascape

If you want a low maintenance aquascape then you should try this style. There’s no rhyme or reason to the placement of the flora and fauna, just like nature intended but it still looks stunning.


4. Iwagumi Style Aquascape

One of the most popular styles of aquascape, this concept focuses on the Golden Ratio and emphasises minimalism. Scale is very important too and often, minuscule fishes are used.


5. Small Square Aquascape

You don’t need a huge tank to create your own aquascape, even a small square one like this will look good too. Adding a touch of colour with the fish is a great idea.


6. Fishbowl Aquascape

Aquascapes do not need to be confined in square, boxy tanks as you can try out unconventional shapes for a unique underwater garden too. It looks much more outstanding and will definitely be a conversation starter in your home.


All these aquascaping ideas will definitely refresh your home decor if done well. Do you know that you can even use these aquascaping as creative partition for your home? Here, we also written about creative partition for your home which we think will benefit you in your quest of decorating your home.

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