7 Best Standing Desk In Malaysia For Better Working Efficiency

by Areej

The standing desk is an important part of the office environment. It is a great way to provide much-needed comfort, convenience, and productivity by allowing you to stand while working. If your lifestyle or work requires you to move around a lot, you need to invest in a standing desk. The benefits of having this type of desk are innumerable.

If you’re interested in health and fitness, then you’ve probably come across the term “standing desk.” The idea is simple: instead of sitting at your computer all day, or worse, sitting on a couch or bed, get up and move around. You are better off standing and exercising while doing so. Not only will this help you enhance your mental performance, but it can also help you lose weight and stay fit. That’s why we compiled a list of the top 7 standing desks in Malaysia so you don’t have to.

Features of a Good Standing Desk

Before buying a standing desk for your office or working space, make sure that the desk has the following features:

  • The desk should be for standing too, not only sitting and vice versa. Go for a desk that will adjust accordingly whether you sit or stand.
  • A good desk should have a good appearance too so that it can match your office’s aesthetics.
  • Durability is what matters the most. While investing your money, make sure that the stand is made of the best material and will stand the test of time.
  • It should have a lot of adjustabilities because not everyone has the same body size and shape. The best desk should be made to adjust perfectly for adults, kids, and people of different body shapes and different sitting habits.
  • When ordering the desk, make sure it is beginner-friendly, which means it is easy to assemble.

Our Selection of 7 Best Standing Desks In Malaysia

On the basis of the above features, we picked the 7 best standing desks that are perfectly suitable for your office as well as your home.

1. Secretlab MAGNUS Pro

2. IKEA Trotten Stand

3. Flexispot Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk

4. Omnidesk Ascent

5. Evis Smart Desk

6. ORION Electric Standing Desk by Take a Seat

7. Desky Single Sit Stand Desk

1.   Secretlab MAGNUS Pro

This Magnus Pro Standing Desk is a product of the brand Secret Lab. It is a sit-to-stand metal desk with a magnetic ecosystem. It is best for your office as it helps to organize all the cables that have been creating a mess in your workspace.

This stand has quite a lot of features that make it worth your investment.

  • This desk can be adjusted to your preferred height down to millimeters, so you can get on with your work easily.
  • The first fully integrated power supply column in the world powers your desk and devices simultaneously using a single wire that is hidden inside your desk leg and an integrated electrical outlet.
  • It has an integrated cable tray that is completely covered by an accessible back-hinged cover. Without having to shift your workstation, tuck your wires into the offset gap for simple cable management. There is plenty of space to conceal every wire thanks to the variety of cable routing options around the sides.
  • It has an RGB light personalization system that allows you to create the perfect mood for any situation.

Visit them via:

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2.   IKEA Trotten Stand

This stand from IKEA is available in two colors, including white and beige. It provides you with a home-like feeling even when you are at the office. You can change your position from sitting to standing with the help of this standing desk.

The note-worthy features of the stand are as follows.

  • By simply turning the handle, you can effortlessly change the desk’s height from 70 to 120 cm and find the ideal setting for both sitting and standing.
  • You can also move the handles under the table top to have a decent look.
  • This stand also has adjustable feet that allow you to keep your stand even in rough or uneven places.
  • Left-handed, as well as right-handed people, can easily use this stand because the crank handles can move left and right.

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3.   Flexispot Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk

This electric, height-adjustable standing desk is the product of the brand Flexispot. This stand is best for you to maintain your health and do your job comfortably. It is best in style and also fits your budget.

This standing desk is loved by a lot of people due to its reliable specifications.

  • It is available in a variety of colors for frames and desktops so you can choose your favorite one.
  • You can easily manage the height of the stand with easy-to-control settings.
  • Four memory buttons on this standing desk allow you to quickly change your posture and save up to four different sitting and standing heights.
  • With the anti-collision technology, the desk will automatically turn around if it runs into a barrier. For individuals who bring their kids or dogs to work, this option is fantastic.
  • It comes with a warranty of 10 years which is literally no joke.

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4.   Omnidesk Ascent

This standing desk from Omnidesk is just amazing. This stand comes with a 3-piece cable tray that allows you to have a clean and organized workspace. The frame comes in two color options, and the tabletop is available in three sizes.

It has a lot of advanced features that are not found in other competitive desks.

  • It is powered by an app that allows you to track your sitting or standing hours.
  • It is easy to install with a few simple steps. When installed, it is the most stable desk ever.
  • With a lifting capacity of 130kg at 60mm/s, it is the swiftest height-adjustable desk.
  • It is made of eco-friendly materials that make sure the stand is non-toxic.
  • An odorless product is created through ethical and sustainable manufacturing. There won’t be any more “new” furniture odors that can eventually be harmful to your health.

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5.   Evis Smart Desk

This standing desk on our list is the product of Evis. Since 2017, Evis has been supplying the market with wonderful ergonomic products. It is Malaysia’s number 1 smart desk manufacturer.

Evis Smart Desk is almost everyone’s favorite stand due to its many jaw-dropping features.

  • The desktop of the stand is available in 3 sizes; small, medium, and large.
  • It has a lot of add-on features like RGB light strips, wheels, and cable management. You can get these features with a few extra charges.
  • It has 4 memory buttons for your preset heights.
  • It is an extremely durable desk that can carry up to 150 kg of weight.
  • The desk can be adjusted to different heights from 60 to 125 cm
  • It has a built-in wireless charger that can charge your devices without any mess of the cables.
  • It comes with a warranty of 5 years on every part of the desk.
  • The desk also features anti-collision technology that allows you to work with your mind at peace.
  • Its lifting columns are made specifically to be used with ergonomic workstations and desks. Synchronous movement enables silent, fluid management of work surfaces.

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6.   ORION Electric Standing Desk

This electric standing desk is a product of the brand Take A Seat, which manufactures various types of chairs and desks. This desk is the best answer for your modern working space. It has a two-year warranty and an additional one-year warranty if you leave a review.

  • It provides smooth height adjustments due to its single-motor technology.
  • You can adjust the height of the chair from 73 to 123 cm with an adjustment speed of 25 mm/second.
  • You can save 4 heights with the help of memory settings.
  • It features anti-collision technology to provide maximum safety.
  • It comes as an all-in-one package for easy installation.

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Website | Facebook | Instagram

7.   Desky Single Sit Stand Desk

This single sit-stand desk is brought to you by Desky. It is a stand that you can customize yourself by choosing the color of the legs, the color of the desktop, and the size of the desktop.

It has a lot of features that make it one of our best standing desks.

  • It features a single-motor lifting system that provides the smoothest adjustments ever.
  • It is a durable and reliable desk that can hold up to 80 kg of weight.
  • It has an adjustment speed of 38 mm/second.
  • You can adjust the height of your stand anywhere between 73 to 123 cm.
  • It is equipped with a cable management system to prevent cable clutter in your workspace.
  • This desk is made of the best quality material but is still very affordable compared to the competitors.
  • It comes with a warranty of 3 years that allows you to replace the damaged parts of your standing desk.

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Final Thoughts

The standing desk is a necessary part of the office. It helps us reduce the risk of back pain, heart disease, and diabetes. It improves our overall health and encourages us to do more productive work. But not all standing desks are on the same level—some have the features that you dislike, while some models are better than others. In this article, we discussed some of the best standing desks in Malaysia that you can buy today.

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