15 Best Washing Machine in Singapore to Make Your Laundry A Breeze

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Doing laundry can be a real chore, especially when you already have a tough routine to follow. But having the right washing machine can make a big difference in your laundry day. A great washing machine can save you time, prevent any damage to your clothes, and make sure they always look as good as new. And nowadays, washing machines are not just simple devices that only wash clothes; they’ve become intelligent enough to make your laundry day a breeze. Moreover, modern machines are more energy efficient and eco-friendly too.

There are different types of washing machines available nowadays. Some are top-loading while others are front-loading. Similarly, some models are semi-automatic while others are fully automatic. With so many types of washing machines available, it can be overwhelming to choose the best one for your home. No need to worry, though; we’ve got you covered! We’ve done all the hard work to compile this list of the best washing machines in Singapore based on their efficiency, quality, and durability. So, you can take your pick from our list and rest assured that you’re making a well-informed decision.

Features of a Good Washing Machine

When selecting a washing machine, there are certain key features you should consider. These will ensure you are getting the best possible machine for your needs:

  • Energy Efficiency: A good washing machine is always energy-efficient. It consumes less power to deliver the same performance as other machines of the same size. When buying, look for a machine with an energy efficiency rating of A+++ so as to save money on electricity bills.
  • Eco-Friendliness: It is becoming increasingly important to reduce our carbon footprint and dependence on natural resources. By choosing an environment-friendly machine, you’ll be doing your part to protect the globe.
  • Delicate Wash Function: Many modern machines come with a “delicate wash”  feature that helps protect delicate clothing items from damage and wrinkles.
  • Temperature Control: Adjustable temperature settings are important for those who are extra conscious about hygiene. Washing clothes at higher temperatures removes stubborn stains and kills bacteria. Look for a machine that has controllable temperature settings to ensure that you have the flexibility to wash your clothes at the temperature you desire.
  • Automatic Rinse: Many modern washing machines come equipped with an automatic rinse function. It allows your clothes to be rinsed and dried automatically. This feature is not only a time-saver but also ensures that your clothes are washed thoroughly.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: The energy consumption of your washing machine will have a direct impact on your electricity bills over time. Therefore, it is important to select a machine that is energy-efficient and cost-effective in the long run.

Our Selection of Top 15 Washing Machines in Singapore for Busy Homeowners

After considering the above factors, we have chosen 15 washing machines that are proven to be reliable and effective in Singapore. These machines are sure to make a significant improvement in the way you do your laundry.

1. LG FV1409S3W 9KG AI Direct Drive Front Load Washing Machine

The LG FV1409S3W Front Load Washing Machine comes with AI Direct Drive™ for optimised fabric care, TurboWash™ for quick cleaning, and Steam+™ for hygienic, wrinkle-free results. It has a bigger capacity and utilises advanced anti-vibration technology, providing a larger drum in the same washer size. Connect with your washer like never before with ThinQ™ (Wi-Fi), enabling remote operation and access to the latest innovations. Furthermore, the machine’s scratch-proof tempered glass door and stainless steel lifter ensure durability and hygiene.

Upgrade your laundry experience with the intelligent features of the LG FV1409S3W 9KG AI Direct Drive Front Load Washing Machine:

  • AI Direct Drive™: 18% more fabric protection
  • TurboWash™ for fast cleaning
  • Visible display
  • TWINWash™ compatible
  • Steam+™: eliminates 99.9% of allergens with 30% less wrinkles
  • Bigger capacity
  • Remote control with the ThinQ™ technology
  • Scratchproof tempered glass door
  • Stainless lifter

2. Bosch WAJ20180SG 8kg Front Load Washing Machine

The Bosch WAJ20180SG 8kg Front Load Washing Machine is a high-end choice for those who want the best in washing technology. Its advanced features, such as SpeedPerfect, an EcoSilence Drive™ motor, and Anti-Vibration Side panels, make washing your clothes a breeze. The machine’s innovative wave-droplet drum design makes washing your clothes as gentle as washing them by hand. Most of all, its AllergyPlus program ensures maximum hygiene and provides safe clothes for allergy-sensitive people.

The qualities that make the Bosch WAJ20180SG 8kg Front Load Washing Machine the best washer in Singapore are:

  • Wash capacity of 8 kg
  • Large LED display screen
  • TouchControl buttons
  • EcoSilence Drive™ motor
  • SpeedPerfect: clean in up to 65% less time
  • ActiveWater™ Plus: pressure and water sensor
  • Anti-vibration side panels
  • Reload function
  • Foam detection system
  • AllergyPlus
  • Buzzer at the end of the wash program

3. Whirlpool Time Wash 9kg Front Load Washer WFRB904AHW

The Whirlpool Time Wash WFRB904AHW 9kg Front Load Washer features 6TH SENSE Technology that intelligently allocates resources for efficient washing. The washer’s 3D Sensor and Intelligent Stabilizer System minimize vibrations for a quiet wash. Various sensors detect weight, temperature, soil level, speed, water level, and bubbles, optimising washing performance. Whirlpool emphasises environmental conservation with advanced Eco Technology, reducing energy and water consumption. The washer offers 15 wash programs, including Quick Wash 15′ for a powerful wash in just 15 minutes.

The features that make the Whirlpool Time Wash WFRB904AHW 9kg Front Load Washer a no-regret choice are:

  • 6TH SENSE technology: intelligent washing for improved savings
  • SENSE Inverter Motor: for a long-lasting quiet performance
  • 3D sensor technology
  • 15 wash programs
  • ECO Wash
  • Quick Wash 15′
  • Time Wash
  • Water temperature selection
  • Drum Clean function
  • Start delay of up to 24 hours
  • Anti-rust features
  • Child lock

4. Toshiba T11 TW-BL85A2S White Front Load Washing Machine

Next, introducing the Toshiba T11 TW-BL85A2S White Front Load Washing Machine: the future of laundry care. With Ultra-Fine Bubble Technology, deep cleaning becomes effortless as it leaves clothes fresher and brighter. The Steam Wash feature achieves an impressive 99.99% sterilization rate, banishing bacteria and odours for a healthier home. Embrace tranquility with Origin Inverter’s 10% noise reduction and revel in 67% energy savings for a greener future. Plus, the Drum Clean feature maintains a pristine washing environment, ensuring optimal laundry results.

Elevate your laundry experience with These excellent features of the Toshiba T11 TW-BL85A2S White Front Load Washing Machine:

  • Ultra-Fine Bubble technology
  • Steam Wash
  • LED digital display
  • Origin inverter
  • 67% energy savings
  • 10% noise down
  • Drum Clean function
  • 10-year Warranty

5. Panasonic NA-127XB1WSG 7kg Washing Machine

The Panasonic NA-127XB1WSG 7kg Washing Machine is the ultimate laundry solution for modern households. Its hygienic 60°C/90°C hot water wash effectively eliminates stains and allergens, while four water temperature settings ensure versatile stain removal. Maintain a fresh tub with the Tub Clean Course, which eradicates bacteria, mould, and detergent residues for a hygienic laundry environment. In times of urgency, Rapid Wash completes a load in just 15 minutes. Plus, the Large LED Display enhances usability and simplifies laundry tasks for you.

The extraordinary features of the Panasonic NA-127XB1WSG 7kg Washing Machine include:

  • Pre-wash and Soak function
  • Hot Water Wash
  • Multiple water temperature settings
  • Tub Clean Course
  • 15 min Rapid Wash
  • large, easy-to-see LED display
  • Energy-efficient design

6. Samsung 7kg Front Load Washing Machine WW70T3020WW/SP

The Samsung WW70T3020WW/SP Front Load Washer is a durable and efficient laundry solution. Its Quick Wash program saves you time by cleaning small loads in just 18 minutes. The Drum Clean cycle keeps the washer fresh and eco-friendly without harsh chemicals. The Delay End feature allows you to set the wash cycle up to 24 hours in advance, ensuring fresh clothes when you need them. The machine’s wide LED display offers convenience and control, with 14 program options for optimal fabric care.

The Samsung WW70T3020WW/SP Front Load Washer is a laundry powerhouse with the following exceptional features:

  • Digital Inverter technology
  • EcoBubble™ technology 
  • Quick Wash program
  • Delay End feature
  • Wide LED display
  • 14 washing programs
  • 3-tick water efficiency
  • Drum Clean
  • Child lock

7. Sharp 8kg Top Load Washing Machine ES-G80G

Discover the ultimate convenience in the laundry with the Sharp 8kg Top Load Washing Machine. This feature-rich washer boasts a soft-close tempered glass lid that ensures gentle closing and a large LED display that simplifies operation. Say goodbye to lint worries with the machine’s dual lint filter and maintain a hygienic tub with the tub cleaning option. It allows you to choose from 10 washing programs that are tailored to your needs. And rest easy knowing this washer boasts a water efficiency rating of 3.

The features that make the Sharp ES-G80G 8kg Top Load Washing Machine best for Singaporean homeowners are:

  • Soft-close tempered glass lid
  • Wash capacity of 8 kg
  • Large LED display 
  • Auto Restart function
  • Dual lint filter
  • Auto tub cleaning
  • 10 wash programs
  • Water efficiency rating 3 ticks
  • Child lock

8. Midea MF100W75 White Front Load Washer

Experience the power of Healthguard Plus with the Midea MF100W75 Front Load Washer which ensures hygienically clean clothes for your whole family. Its ECO 40-60 program provides an eco-friendly wash at low temperatures, saving energy and preserving fabrics. In a hurry? The 15′ Quick Wash delivers speedy results without compromising on cleanliness. For delicate fabrics, trust the washer’s specialized Delicate Wash setting, while the Cotton Eco Wash saves water and energy for your everyday clothes. The Rinse & Spin function guarantees efficient rinsing and spinning for perfectly clean and ready-to-wear garments.

The Midea MF100W75 Front Load Washer is a versatile and efficient washing machine with the features below:

  • 7.5 kg washing capacity
  • Healthguard Plus
  • ECO 40-60 program
  • One Touch Pre Wash
  • 15′ Quick Wash
  • Delicate Wash
  • Cotton Eco Wash
  • Rinse & Spin function

9. Sharp 12.5kg Front Load Washing Machine ES-FW125SG

This 12.5kg Front Load Washing Machine from Sharp is designed to make your laundry day hassle-free. With its guided control panel, you can customize the wash settings to your liking. Its advanced features, like the steam care function and multiple wash programs, offer a seamless washing experience. Its J-Tech inverter technology and efficient water consumption ensure that your clothes are cleaned thoroughly without wasting resources.

All the amazing features of the Sharp Front Load Washing Machine are summarized below:

  • 12.5 kg wash capacity
  • J-Tech inverter technology
  • Sleek design
  • Steam care function
  • Guided control panel
  • 10 wash programs
  • Efficient water consumption with 4 ticks rating
  • Childproof

10. Toshiba 10Kg Top Load Washer AW-DUM1100JS

The Toshiba 10Kg Top Load Washer is the perfect addition to your laundry room. With its large capacity and powerful motor, you can easily wash all your clothes in one go. The machine’s energy-efficient technology reduces your electricity bills, while its noise-free operation ensures a peaceful washing experience.

The features that make the Toshiba 10Kg Top Load Washer our favorite are:

  • Washing capacity of 10 kg
  • Touch control panel
  • 1 Press 1 Load EXDot: an injection device that allows for a more interactive and user-friendly way of adding detergent liquid
  • Ultra-Fine Bubble Technology
  • The Greatwaves: high-speed water flow to remove dirt and debris without leaving stains
  • Saves time upto 21.4%
  • Magic Filter Pro: removable and easy-to-clean filter
  • Origin inverter
  • Energy and water efficient

11. Samsung 9kg Front Load Washing Machine with QuickDrive™ WW90T754DWH/SP

The Samsung 9kg Front Load Washing Machine with QuickDrive™ is the perfect solution for busy households. Its QuickDrive™ function and Super Speed Cycle allow you to wash a large load of clothes in just 39 minutes. It has numerous smart features, for example, Wi-Fi control, the SmartThings App, and an intuitive display. The machine’s durable build ensures it will last for years to come.

This Front Load Washing Machine has a plethora of fantastic features. Some of these are:

  • 9 kg wash capacity
  • Intuitive display with AI control: allows you to personalize the wash cycles
  • Wi-Fi® Smart Control
  • EcoBubble™ and Q-Bubble™ technology: more abundant and powerful detergent bubbles
  • Bubble Soak function
  • QuickDrive™: reduces wash time by 50%
  • Hygiene Steam: Remove 99.9% bacteria, allergens, and dust mites
  • Super Speed Cycle: washes a load in just 39 minutes
  • AddWash™ Door: lets you add clothes even after the wash cycle has started
  • StayClean Drawer
  • 4 ticks water consumption rating
  • SmartThings App
  • Digital Inverter Technology

12. Electrolux 12kg UltimateCare 700 Top Load Washing Machine EWT1274M7SA

The Electrolux 12kg UltimateCare 700 Top Load Washing Machine is an eco-friendly choice to improve your laundry experience. Its water-saving technology and energy-efficient inverter motor not only save you money on your bills but also help protect the environment. The machine’s easy-to-use interface and wide range of washing programs make it a versatile and convenient choice for every homeowner. 

The features of the Electrolux 12kg UltimateCare 700 Top Load Washing Machine that are worth mentioning include:

  • Large wash capacity of 12 kg
  • StainCare: removes 40 different visible stains
  • 12 different washing programs
  • UltraMix technology: thoroughly dissolves the detergent and prevents any visible detergent residues
  • Variable temperatures
  • ActiveFlow technology: reduces tangling of clothes
  • PowerJet technology for maximum washing efficiency
  • AutoLevel: saves an average of 50 liters of water per cycle
  • Silent and safe operation
  • Scratch resistant surface
  • Inverter motor
  • Child lock

13. Panasonic 8 kg Front Load Washing Machine NA-128XB1WSG

This 8 kg Front Load Washing Machine from Panasonic is designed to offer superior cleaning performance. Its advanced features, such as Hot Water Wash and multiple water temperature settings, ensure that even the toughest stains are removed from your clothes. The machine’s sleek design and easy-to-use controls make it a stylish addition to any laundry room.

Some incredible features of the Panasonic 8 kg Front Load Washing Machine are:

  • Wash capacity of 8 kg
  • Hot Water Wash: allergen and bacteria suppression
  • Hygiene Care
  • Multiple water temperature settings (20°C, 40°C, 60°C and 90°C) for diverse laundry needs
  • Tub Clean Course: easy tub maintenance, elimination of detergent residues, and suppression of mold and bacterial growth
  • Rapid Wash: super fast wash in just 15 minutes
  • Large LED display for easy usability

14. LG Front Load Washer Dryer with AI Direct Drive™, 8.5/5KG FV1285H4W

The LG Front Load Washer Dryer with AI Direct Drive™ is the perfect appliance for those who value the utmost convenience in their daily chores. Its AI Direct Drive™ does thinking and washing for you: it detects the fabric to set the optimal motion for it accordingly. Its smart features, such as remote control and voice commands, allow you to start and monitor your wash from anywhere. The machine’s Steam™ technology ensures that your clothes remain hygienic and free of allergens.

The features that make the LG Front Load Washer Dryer a truly smart appliances are:

  • 8.5 kg washing capacity and 5 kg drying capacity
  • AI Direct Drive™: intelligent washing with 18% more fabric protection
  • Space saving: 2-in-1 wash and dry
  • 6 Motion
  • LG Steam™ technology: eliminates 99.9% of allergens
  • Durable and hygienic
  • ThinQ™ technology: do your laundry remotely with Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Voice control

15. Midea Combo Washer Dryer (8.5Kg Wash / 6Kg Dry) MF200D85B

The Midea Combo Washer Dryer is a compact appliance, which is a great option for those with limited space. It’s simple 2-in-1 design and easy-to-use controls make it a user-friendly choice, while its durable build ensures it will last for years. It has an adjustable temperature range from 20 °C to 90 °C so that you can wash your clothes at the desired temperature.

The Midea Combo Washer Dryer combines numerous amazing features, some of which are listed below:

  • 8.5 kg washing capacity
  • 6 kg spinning/drying capacity
  • Health-Guard Plus
  • The antibacterial door gasket
  • Auto Clean
  • Steam Care and Allergy Care
  • Inverter Quattro BLDC motor
  • Turbo Wash
  • Auto Dry

Wrapping Up

In Singapore, different electronic manufacturers are producing smart washing machines that are sure to blow your mind! However, with so many options available, finding the perfect model to meet your laundry needs can be a daunting task. Our expertly curated list of the best smart washing machines aims to simplify this selection process by presenting you with only the best of the best. All of our selected washers are equipped with state-of-the-art automatic washing systems and are designed to conserve energy and save you money. With their LED screens and user-friendly control systems, you can easily customize your wash settings to your liking. So don’t wait any longer to upgrade your laundry routine. Take the first step towards owning your dream washing machine today!

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