Simple House Becomes a Peaceful Sanctuary with Lots of Wooden Features & Verdant Plants | C House by 893 Studio

by Candyse

C House is situated in Hoi-An, Vietnam and is the creation of 893 Studio. It is a great example of a modern Vietnamese house and consists of two storeys. The visualisation of this house makes it a beautiful haven from the hustle and bustle of the city which is perfect if you want a sanctuary.

Exterior Area:

From the outside, you can see the facade is rather modern with lots of windows to let in the natural light. The main gate provides adequate security but the light fencing used gives a good glimpse of the facade. There are strong brick walls separating the house from its neighbours. Although the front porch is concrete, this doesn’t mean there is no greenery. Lots of beautifully manicured potted plants are arranged here to liven up the facade.

Interior Area:

Stepping into the glassed main doors, you will be greeted with an open space consisting of living room, dining area and the kitchen at the back. One of the main features on the ground floor is the young tree inside the house. This provides a relaxing space for the owners to entertain their guests. The dining table faces the backyard that is accessible through large glass sliding doors.

A sturdy set of stairs lead to the private spaces on the second storey. The master bedroom is simply but artfully decorated. It has the added advantage of a spacious balcony that faces the main road so the owners can enjoy the view. The other bedroom is quite large and has two single beds that are separated into their own spaces. This is achieved by the clever wooden divider that gives a semblance of privacy. Overall, the house uses a very neutral palette with plenty of green plants thrown into the mix. Wooden elements also feature heavily to give the house a tropical feel while quirky accessories such as the lights hanging at the dining table keep the decor from getting boring.

All images taken from 893 Studio’s Facebook unless otherwise stated.

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