Amazing Concrete Jungle House In TTDI With Raw Outlook While Being Surrounded By Nature Elements

by HDM Editor Team

Situated in TTDI, Kuala Lumpur, stands a uniquely designed house named Concrete Jungle House by N O T Architecture. The main concept of this house design is to approach minimalistic design on the outside while keeping maximum usability and space for the interiors.

Project: Concrete Jungle House
Architect / Designer: N O T Architecture
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Exterior Area:

The owners of this house are young couples with kids who wish to live with their parents all under one same roof. Their main goal is to have a new house that can have spacious area for indoor activities and also cosy environment for family gathering such as dinner and connection purpose.

Interior Area:

The house is unconventional as the main living and dining area is at the first floor of the building, whereby more private bedrooms are all located at the ground floor. There is a large balcony with full height opening glass panel which invites natural sunlight and also healthy air ventilation inside the house. Looking out from the balcony, there is an outdoor space overviewing the exciting greenery from TTDI park.

Upon entering the house, you will be led upstairs via concrete looking staircase towards the main living and dining area. There is also a slide feature beside the staircase for the kids to play with. From the dining area, you can see raw, concrete pillars that are use to support the entire structure of the house.

Everything from the house is designed according to industrial style to give a rough, unfiltered approach. However, to balance the overall outlook of the house, the designers decorated it with various potted plants to give a more lively vibe to the space.

When the sun has nearly set and approaching the night, the house is illuminated with warm white light to enhance the overall aesthetic outlook. Here, the owners can enjoy cycling around the neighbourhood or relax at the balcony to enjoy the evening breeze.

All images are taken from Archdaily unless otherwise stated.

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