Beautiful Woven House Without Grills, Has Natural Air Ventilation And Modernistic Interiors

by HDM Editor Team

Local house transformation expert, Yong Studio has done it again with its latest project, dubbed The Woven House. From an old house, they managed to give this old house in Malaysia a breath of fresh air, and transformed it into an amazing house without grills.

Project: The Woven House
Architect / Designer: Yong Studio
Location: Malaysia

Before Renovation:



After Transformation:

The concept of the design is called Wabi-Sabi, which means seeking balance from imperfection and toughness in life. The facade is heavily inspired by the concept of security without having to install any grills. The transparent portion of the exterior resembles a weaving based on woven fabric. Hence this is where the name The Woven House comes from.

Interior Area:

Upon entering the living area, you will be welcomed by the sight of open concept layout which creates better connection around the house. In this, Yong Studio excels in space planning while giving each room a nice focal point of their own.

Specially painted Zen wall can be found a the dining area, with amazing modern lighting and cuckoo clock.

For the backyard, washing and laundry area can’t be found here. Instead, it is replaced with refreshing garden with greenery and ventilation block to serve as barrier for security purpose. Here, you can have a cup of tea during the evenings with cool breeze flowing through. The stairs is also rebuilt into a beautiful functional staircase while also having extra storage space beneath it.

At the first floor, you will be greeted by abundance of natural lighting shining into the room through the woven-style net. The designers also planted trees around the house so that the owners can enjoy beautiful views outside of their windows. The trees also served as natural filters to provide the house with fresh air.

As seen, all the bedrooms are decorated with warm and cosy vibe, providing the owners ultimate relaxation upon returning from work. The bathrooms are also beautiful designed with various textures from the ground to the walls.

All images taken from Yong Studio unless otherwise stated.

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