Contemporary House is a Geometric Masterpiece of Sharp Lines & Overflowing Greenery | Casa O Cuatro by Migdal Arquitectos

by Candyse

A stunning two-storey home located in Mexico City, Mexico, known as Casa O Cuatro by Migdal Arquitectos. This boxy, sleek house is a perfect example of a modern home that will be a sanctuary to its inhabitants. The architects who designed the house are vastly experienced and decided to use geometric lines in the facade of the house, as evidenced by its sharp lines.

Exterior Area: (Casa O Cuatro by Migdal Arquitectos)

In fact, looking from the outside, the top volume of the house looks like its floating in space. The use of dark stone further emphasizes this fact and makes the upper volume look solid without losing its lightness, contrasting with the transparency. The house is surrounded by a verdant garden that must be beautiful in the spring and summer seasons when the flowers bloom. To encourage the light and air to circulate, the house uses a lot of glass in its facade. It is a very wide house that has various box-like rooms stacked on top of each other, making it look as if it was constructed like a piece of modern art.

Interior Area:

To get inside the house, you need to navigate the gently sloping staircase with flowing green plants lining up at the side. Since there are so many glass openings, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the nature view outside the house. These glass windows and skylights are awesome for creating large areas lit by natural light. However, shade is also taken into consideration, as the design team included cantilevers that help provide some respite from the sun when it is at its hottest.

A double-height corridor links the home and makes it look light and airy. The numerous doors and terraces ensure that the interior and exterior flow together neatly; to make everything connected. The garden is the main element of the house that connects all the social spaces; and can be seen through the large picture windows. The basement area comprises of the gym and games room. The house uses stone and wood as the main decor; with a neutral coloured palette that is classy and timeless.

All images taken from Migdal Arquitectos unless otherwise stated.

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