Cool Townhouse With Central Courtyard Is Spacious & Even Has A Yoga Studio | Elwood Townhouse by InForm Design

by Candyse

A townhouse can be very stylish and spacious especially if given the right decor style and the Elwood Townhouse by InForm Design is a great example of it. It’s an amazing architectural wonder that is light, airy and modern at the same time. This residence is located in Australia and looks simple from the outside but once you step in, you will be surprised.

Exterior Area: (Elwood Townhouse by InForm Design)

From the outside, you can see that they have made a concrete party wall which extends the entire length of the townhouse. This helps separate it from its neighbour as Elwood Townhouse is one house in a row of three. The wall also visually connects the front entrance to the courtyard garden at the back and look modern and minimalistic.

The facade also sports a long black timber balustrade off the front bedrooms and this hovers over the entryways of the three townhouses. The balustrade provides a unifying element that brings some visual interest to the whole building. This is also capped with a steel-framed pergola that will change over time due to the growing vines that will help soften the minimalism of the structure and relate it to the leafy trees outside.

Interior Area:

You can find the study, kitchen and living area located on the ground floor with large sliding glass doors that bring in the air and light. Right in the middle of the ground floor, you can spot the glazed central courtyard that brings a breath of fresh air to the home. Next to this courtyard, a crafted timber staircase provides a light source and brings focus to the long linear space.

A cosy den allows residents to relax in private if needed, away from the rest of the family. On the upper floor, the private spaces are located which include two beautifully decorated bedrooms. There’s also a yoga studio in the house, which sits above the car porch that is located behind the rear courtyard.

All images taken from InForm Design unless otherwise stated.

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