Modern Semi-Detached House is Specially Designed to Have The Best Acoustics For Serious Audiophiles

by Candyse

A beautiful two-storey semi-detached house sits in an exclusive neighbourhood in Singapore that looks like a luxurious holiday villa, which is sure to be a delight for any homeowner. Designed by Hyla Architects, this work of art is truly gorgeous and has been designed with entertainment and sound in mind as the owner must have been an audiophile with an obsession to create the perfect acoustics in the home.

This is why the house is called Acoustic Alchemy as the owner wants to focus on sounds and wants the best acoustics he can have right at home. The front of the house looks pretty normal and modern, with a smooth white facade but it is what’s inside that is more unconventional.

Once you enter the living, dining and kitchen areas, they are one huge space and designed specifically one large AV and entertainment space for the owner’s pleasure. However, loud music and sounds would not disturb any near neighbours, seeing as the designers decided to soundproof this entire area with some doubleĀ glazed sliding-folding doors that are thick enough to keep the audio where it belongs, in the house.

The designers did not stop at this and to get even better acoustics, the two side walls that enclose this space are also purposely built to taper towards the rear. This ensures that the space is slightly funnelled to improve the acoustic qualities of the room and also allow for storage nooks to be built into the thicker ends of the walls for the hi-fi equipment to be kept there.

There is also a stunning lap pool at the back of the house at the outdoor terrace and some of the client’s massive sculptural horn speakers can be seen at the front end of the space. The second storey is also designed with bedroom windows recessed into curved walls, which brings to mind the owner’s prized horn speakers. To ensure that the modern and welcoming house has enough light and air, a large skylight on the roof brings all of these in.

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