Top 10 Home Decor Mistakes In Malaysia

by HDM Editor Team

Home decorating is an art, so is planning for your Malaysian home decor ideas. It’s like figuring out a puzzle. You would need the exact amount of pieces to finish up your masterpiece. Being too excessive or too minimal decoration could potential ruin the harmonisation of your overall decor ideas. I’ve seen plenty people done their home decoration in wrong ways, even experts. This is why I’m showcasing some of top mistakes which can go very, very wrong in your home decor ideas:

1. Too Many Things

Having too many things is a big NO in home decoration. Many people will tend to include a lot of furniture, accessories, decorations, and arts which doesn’t serve any purpose in overall tidiness and cleanliness of your decor ideas.

These type of people are HOARDERS in home decoration and they are usually impulsive shoppers; going shopping for home decoration matters during sales or promotion.

SOLUTION: Planning properly for your home decor is important and only make a purchase if that item can add value to your current home decoration. If you want to get get rid of items, so you can add more or make your home look a bit more open or lighter.

2. Too Many Cables

Having too many cables lying around the room is an eye sore for everyone. And this definitely hurts your overall home decor ideas.

It is unavoidable when you have too many electrical appliances and internet cables lying around to cater for your living lifestyle.

SOLUTION: Proper planning of electrical appliances’ layout with wall socket is important to keep out the cables from being seen. If that is unavoidable, there are several cable management ways and tools to help keeping cables manageable.

3. Too Much Lighting

For the perfect home decor idea, we must have proper lighting to light up the house, providing enough illumination in an area for its occupants.

However, having too much lighting is another story. Too much lighting works bad for your home decoration.

Besides consuming excessive electrical power, improper lighting can cause negative psychological effect on occupants.

SOLUTION: Manage proper lighting around the house to fully utilise each lighting to get maximum effect. Cut down unnecessary lighting which doesn’t contribute to illumination of an area, especially in the bedroom so occupants can enjoy their stay without the worry of lighting making it sleep uneasy.

4. Too Much Matching

Home decoration requires the mix and match of different sets of colour to bring harmony to your overall home decor ideas.

If you are only using ONE colour to decorate your home; RED for sofa, RED for cupboard, RED for wall, the end result would be either UGLY or HORRIBLE.

Apart from destroying your overall home furnishing, it makes you looked like you tried too hard.

SOLUTION: Choose properly the colour of each furniture and decoration to make sure they can live harmony with one another. If you have no idea, do check the colour wheel to discover the compatibility of each colour.

5. Too Much Open Space

This part is quite subjective to each individual. I personally think that too much “open space” – book selves without cover, exposed cupboard, open selves with photographs on top it etc is not practically in refurbishing your home.

Too much open space on cupboards and selves will tend to collect dust and make your home looks messy.

For maintenance purpose, it tends to be time and energy consuming as you need extra effort to clean up the open area of the selves and cupboards as they collect dust while providing a breeding area for insects and pests.

SOLUTION: Keep a closed concept for all your book selves and cupboards. It would look tidier and cleaner this way. Leave minimal open space if it’s unavoidable.

6. Too Much Carpet

Deciding which flooring to use is crucial for every house owners. House owners may prefer carpet for comfort and aesthetic reason; however too much carpet might have its own drawback when compare with other modern flooring in the market.

Carpet flooring is known to accumulate dust and dust mites which poses health threat to its occupants.

House owners with respiratory and allergy problem should consider avoiding carpet flooring at all cost as they might get sick from excessive dust and dust mites.

SOLUTION: Avoid carpet flooring if you are having respiratory problems. If you are really interested in decorating your house with carpet, decorate only a portion of your home with carpet flooring.

7. Too Much Distraction

Having wall arts is great for home decoration, but not having too much. It will make your room looked cluttered and messy. Nonetheless, it is pretty hard to maintain as well.

In other case, having multiple themes in one room is also distracting for your decor ideas. Having one theme per room is good enough as we can focus all the elements that you wish to highlight for each room.

SOLUTION: Small decorative items can be used to improve your home decoration, but not too excessive. Maximise the space you have per room so that your home looks bigger, nicer and spacious.

8. Too Much Suspended Ceiling

In many modern home decoration, suspended ceiling plays an important role in easy installation of lights, fans and overhead appliances.

A suspended ceiling can easily conceal imperfections and flaws on the actual ceiling. Pipework, duct works and electrical cables can all be cover up and hide away from plain’s view.

However, having too much suspended ceiling can take a punch onto your home decor ideas. By reducing the height of the room, you are reducing the size of the room, thus making it looks stuffy and cramped.

Further more, suspended ceiling deteriorate faster than actual ceiling and you may ended up having a discolored suspended ceiling after a few year of use.

SOLUTION: Minimise the usage of suspended ceiling if the actual ceiling is very low. Only install them on rooms which you want to highlight the decoration.

9. Too Much Sealed Space

Air circulation is important when designing and planning in your home decor. You need to ensure that your decor ideas wouldn’t stand in the way of the ventilation system, windows or doors.

Make sure there is not too much sealed space around the house as this will create poor air circulation.

Managing airflow is crucial as it regulates temperature, prevent mold, remove impurities while creating a healthy breathing environment.

SOLUTION: Avoid blocking off windows and doors. Install more windows or ventilation system if your room have poor airflow. Avoid installing suspended ceiling to make it less cramped and stuffy.

10. Too Much People’s Style

Finally, you make it to the biggest mistake of all home decor ideas: Designing your home according to other people’s style.

It’s alright to refer to other source for ideas in decorating your home but make sure it is tailor made according to your lifestyle and liking.

Many people forget this when they plan ideas for their home decoration. Hence, they don’t feel comfortable and cozy when they start living in it.

SOLUTION: You can ask for expert advises in planning out the home decor. But please bear in mind that you are the one who is going to live in that house, your opinion and concern should be utmost important in deciding the decor ideas.

Please let us know if there’s other common mistake that we left out and drop a comment below. Thanks!

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