This Kyoto Residence Wins Over Netizens With A Sun-Soaked Courtyard and Open Concept Bathroom

by Nicholas Chew
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In a quiet residential area in Northern Kyoto City in Japan, is a compact, inconspicuous house with a louvered wood sunshade over the parking lot. On the inside, however, is a breathtaking, quaint space with traditional Japanese aesthetics, that is flooded with natural light.

Project: House In Kyoto
Architect: 07Beach
Location: Japan

Exterior Area:

Interior Area:

07BEACH designed this charming house for a couple and their three toddlers. The compact urban site offered no space for a garden and had very few external surfaces for fenestrations.

After traversing through the complex housing guidelines and designing a number of floor plan options, the studio and couple settled on a simple, open-plan structure that would help them cherish both nature and their little family.

At the heart of the design, is the double-height living room, as the clients wanted a spatial configuration that would help them keep an eye on their energetic children, as they cooked or worked.

A typical indoor courtyard encased within glazed walls would further limit the space available for other activities. Therefore, a Ficus tree was planted at the center to create a courtyard.

The leafy, evergreen tree, in addition to the abundance of natural light that pours in through the skylights, creates a warm, relaxing ambiance in the dining and living areas, reminiscent of a family picnic.

The bathroom on the ground floor is clad with six shades of green tiles, to evoke the feeling of being in a forest. It is positioned to face the living area as the family desired an “open-air bath” with a view of the central tree.

Upper Floor Area:

The master bedroom is located towards the south of the house, whereas the children’s bedrooms are on the first floor, directly above the kitchen.

The upper level also houses a traditional Japanese Tatami room, framed by a slatted wooden wall and a Shoji screen that leads into a south-facing balcony. A sloped walkway connects the Tatami room to the children’s bedrooms.

The walls are painted a simple white, and a white backsplash has been used in the kitchen, to complement the Hinoki ceiling panels, balustrades, doors, and other elements.

Dark tiles demarcate the bathroom floor and the staircase to create a sense of connection between the outdoor carport and interiors.

This residence in Kyoto incorporates delicate elements that give it a unique character that propagates familial bonds. It strikes the quintessential balance between modernity and tradition.

All images are taken from 07Beach unless otherwise stated.

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