Basic Selangor Double-Storey Terrace House is Transformed Into a Modern & Classic Masterpiece | Courtyard House by O2 Design Atelier

by Candyse

If you think that the standard double-storey terrace houses that we have in Malaysia cannot be designed into something beautiful; and stylish that looks like it belongs in some home magazine then we’re here to prove you wrong. This Courtyard House by O2 Design Atelier in Selangor was transformed into a super gorgeous space a few years back; thanks to the magic touch of O2 Design Atelier Sdn Bhd and shared by Barkath Builders.

Exterior Area: (Courtyard House by O2 Design Atelier)

Interior Area:

The plain house manages to be crafted into something outstanding like a modern home that you can see in Western countries; and the designers main focus when they were drawing out the plans was to ensure that the house looks spacious and roomy. Hence, they put lots of open spaces instead of the conventional terrace house that has areas that are all closed up.

They also chose to use a contemporary style for both the inner and outer design for a more aesthetically pleasing look. In addition, O2 Design Atelier decided to combine a few areas together inside the house which makes it look even more airy. The living room, dining area and kitchen were all made into one big area; so that it all flows naturally and you can easily entertain guests even while you’re cooking.

That’s not all, the house was designed to allow Mother Nature to spread her beauty there; so you can see a mini garden full of flora in the middle of the combined downstairs area. As you’re admiring the garden, look up and you can see that parts of the roof tiles have been replaced with some transparent polycarbonate tiles; to enable more natural light to illuminate the home. There’s also another mini garden located upstairs and plenty of verdant plants dotted all around the house.

Other than that, you can see some rugged looking cement render on the concrete walls; and floors which is the main theme throughout the whole house. This industrial-like look matches perfectly with the modern and antique furniture for a chic looking home.

All images from O2 Design Atelier unless otherwise stated.

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