Modern House With Deceptively Small Front Opens Up to Large & Airy Space Inside | J Residence By DK-Lab

by Candyse

The J Residence designed by DK-Lab in Jakarta, Indonesia is known by its rather geometric shape. It is made up of a series of narrow and deep rectangles for a highly modern and uniform look. The building is situated as such that the narrow side of the house faces the front road with the short side exposed to the entrance road.

Exterior Area: (J Residence By DK-Lab)

Looks can be deceiving, as this geometric house has a deep volume; that runs to the back as the front makes it look deceptively smaller than it appears to be. This is important to the house; as the architects wanted the occupants to explore the house and travel around the site for the complete architectural experience. There are many corners and multi-leveled spaces that allow the inhabitants to admire nature’s beauty; before they arrive at the core of the house, the living and dining area.

Interior Area:

Before they get to the core, first they will encounter the outdoor court garden in the middle of the house; with a triangular cut roof that gives a refreshing and lively feel to indoor spaces. The pool and gardens situated outside are placed closed to the living area; to create a tight relationship with the spaces.

The master bedroom looks out into the pool, allowing the inhabitants a gorgeous view and creates a sense of intimacy and cosiness with the rest of the house. The open plan living room is connected with the dining and kitchen area so that they can flow well together. The pool and court garden surrounding this area enables a lot of light to enter the home a well.

The second floor is accessed through the living room. The architects created the house in such a way that although the site is narrow and deep, the rooms feel open and airy. The main stairs play a part in this by making people walk around the house as much as possible so that they can absorb the nature-filled atmosphere outside.

On the third floor, the inhabitants enjoy leisure time in high ceilinged rooms that house an indoor driving range, a gym and a theatre. The gym and terrace offer amazing views of the street outside, creating a very impactful and airy view.

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