Dubbed House Of Trees, This Nature Themed House Integrates Green Elements Completely From The Inside Out

by HDM Editor Team

Located at a new residential area of Ho Chi Minh City, Stepping Park House is surrounded by nature with a park nearby. It is uncommon to find such neighbourhood which is filled with greeneries. Therefore, the architects took the initiative by integrating the nature elements into the house’s design.

Project: Stepping Park House
Architect: VTN Architects
Location: Vietnam

Exterior Area:

The facade of the house is covered by bushy trees and green plants. On the top floor, there is a void which is surrounded by Ivy plants. The whole concept is integrating nature into the house which can blend seamlessly with the nearby surroundings.

Interior Area:

Upon entering the house, you will be welcomed by the sight of trees growing inside the house. The architects wanted to project a forest-like environment inside the house despite being indoors. There is a staircase heading towards the upper deck which opens up space filled with natural lighting.

On the top floor, many trees can be seen planted to provide a green environment for the owners. The louvre ceiling is an amazing addition to the design as it provides ample natural light to the greenies planted inside the house. The owners also can talk a stroll around the area as it is beaming with life and radiant natural energy.

Although most of the common area is the open space close to nature, the private rooms remained closed up and shielded away for privacy. The architect of this house aim to create a series of “House of Tress” which address the current problem of climate change and lacking of green spaces in Vietnam.

All images taken from VTN Architects unless otherwise stated.

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