This Contemporary Abode Known As Allen Key House by Studio Prineas is Bright, Airy & Simple Yet Superbly Stylish

by Candyse

If you ever venture to Sydney, Australia’s leafy North short you will notice a stunning piece of architecture there in the form of this Allen Key House by Studio Prineas that was transformed from a 1930s Californian Bungalow into a modern piece of art. Designed by Eva-Marie Prineas, the architect in charge, she was given a brief to lighten up the house while emphasising on the kitchen as the hub of the home. She also could not do much to the bungalow’s original features; but still, she managed to turn it into something spectacular by extending the back of the house.

Exterior Area: (Allen Key House by Studio Prineas)

Living Area:

A glazed link was added to the house which allows for two internal courtyards to be built; and this enables more light and ventilation to be brought into the bathroom and study area. Although the owners had a rather tight budget, they managed to work with it to create a shed-like structure following the shape of the existing roof form. The roof was also manipulated so that more natural light could find its way in the house.

Backyard Area:

Bedroom Area:

As for the living room and dining areas, the size of these spaces was magnified to ensure that it will be a great entertainment spot. There are some leafy green spots surrounding these spaces for a more seamless look while large dormer windows allow the open plan space to look more lofty and spacious. Other windows also enable viewers to gaze out into the view of the treetops so that you’ll feel more relaxed.

Bathroom Area: (Allen Key House by Studio Prineas)

As the designers have a limited budget, materials are kept simple but they still look pretty elegant. Black and white play a huge role here; as can be seen by the black aluminium windows offset against the crisp white walls. Inside, the decor continues in the same vein; with some wood and bronze sprinkled here and there to make it look classier. There’s a big outdoor timber deck that looks like a place you want to relax after a hectic day. The Allen Key House is truly a home that welcomes you and your guests any time of the day.

All images are taken from Arch Daily unless otherwise stated.

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