The Stack House is Johor Is A Modern & Unique Structure That Looks Like It’s Made Out of Building Blocks

by Candyse

In the quiet neighbourhood of Parit Raja in Johor, there lies a home that is quaint and quirkily built known as the Stack House and once you see it, you will understand why it is named like this. This private family home looks different from its neighbours and is created by O2 Design Atelier for a family that consists of 10 people which means they need plenty of space.

They designed a unique place that includes eight bedrooms and eight bathrooms so each family member can have their own privacy. To fit all these rooms in one area, the designers decided to stack boxes of rooms on top of each other that allows them to interact while still being separate from one another. Geometrical lines play an important part in this house that makes it look really cool as if it was made of building blocks with the roof to top it off.

There is always interaction from one level to the next with roof terraces where the family members can gather and enjoy themselves. The Stack House is built using steel structures and concrete for a sturdy and modern looking home. The boxes are oriented in such a way that there is enough space for a lush outdoor garden and roof terraces for each level, ensuring that the family has lots of space for greenery.

Inside the house, the decor is focused on a theme of modern and minimalistic design which suits the simple exterior that is fuss-free and industrial-like with its grey concrete. Neutral colours such as shades of white, grey and black are used with some dark wooden elements thrown in for some interesting contrast and to liven things up.

One of the most eye-catching features is the spiral staircase at the side of the house which is exposed to the outdoors. This staircase connects one level to another but is hidden from prying eyes on the outside. This is a beautiful home that is suitable for a large family.

All images are taken from O2 Design Atelier’s website unless otherwise stated.

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