The Khanh House Made Up of Two Blocks Meshes Traditional & Modern Style For a Harmonious Look | Khanh House by 6717 Studio

by Candyse

Most houses only have one block which is spacious enough but for Khanh House by 6717 Studio located in Hoi An, central Quang Nam Province in Vietnam, this abode is something different as it consists of two blocks built adjacent to each other. From the front, you can see the main block on the right while the annex is built on the left.

Exterior Area:

The design studio responsible for this unique home is none other than Le Viet Hoi; where both modern and traditional influences work well together. The house is built to be bright and airy with lots of open spaces; but the first thing you notice about the house is probably the roof at the garage area that is made out of double tiles. This style is similar to the style used in traditional Vietnam houses; and the shape is inspired by these old homes as well.

Interior Area:

The house has lots of greenery inside to freshen up the space; while the open space means air circulation and sunlight can ensure that the residence remains cool throughout the days and nights. A white and black colour scheme is perfect to highlight traditional elements cleverly integrated by the architects.

Wall paintings, quirky tables and chairs, a cool little pond as well as interesting lights keep the house from being too bland; and boring which also gives it character. In one of the open spaces, there is even a young tree growing there with a table and some chairs; so that the owner can relax there with their friends and family; as there is also a skylight that lets in plenty of natural light.

As for the master bedroom, a modern touch is added with a cool stone outdoor bath; while the annex block has three other bedrooms and a workroom. In the annex block, rustic elements can be seen interspersed throughout the house; and Mother Nature is prevalent here as well with green plants giving a breath of fresh air to this beautiful home.

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