Colourful Serviced Apartment is Inspired By Contemporary Art & Looks Like a Modern Sculpture | HH Apartments

by Candyse

Colours have always evoked different feelings in people and the glorious, multicoloured HH Apartments in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam is one gorgeous place that will definitely make you happy. It’s inspired by Absalon, an Israeli contemporary artist; and consists of nine serviced apartments and other amenities in one space. These units are divided by a split-level structural frame throughout the building; and each home is defined by a different colour.

Exterior Area:

If you’re in need of a little pick-me-up, staying in HH Apartments will definitely brighten your life. It’s easily recognisable by its bright colours and looking at the facade; the frame actually unifies the whole building. This makes it very aesthetically pleasing instead of random units stacked on top of each other. Overall, the effect looks like a piece of art from the outside.

Interior Area: (HH Apartments)

Generally, the units are rather small and consist of studio or duplex homes; but come with everything you need in a house. Colours such as dark green, bright yellow and orange are used for different units; and space-saving is key in each home. Shelves are used as room dividers and furnished in a minimal style but it gives a very cosy atmosphere. Built-in tables and sofas at the side of the walls make it convenient for inhabitants.

In some spaces, curtains are used as dividers so if you need more privacy, you can close or open them depending on your needs. Each space is private but if you want to have some human interaction, you can head over to the two common areas which are the library and BBQ area. There is a rooftop area as well where you can relax and even do your laundry at the same time. Each unit also comes with a wide balcony facing the streets so you can enjoy the view of the outside world with ease.

All images taken from HH Apartments unless otherwise stated.

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