This Beautiful Two Story House Sparks Inspiration With Zero Disruption Between Moving Rooms | Venice House by Walker Workshop

by HDM Editor Team

For a standard house, there’s always a clear indication of which room are you in when you stepped onto it. However Walker Workshop begs to differ by building this creative house with their seamless design. Titled Venice House by Walker Workshop, it moves between rooms gracefully and seamlessly, no additional pieces sticking out. You will be amazed by it’s beautiful layout when you stepped into the house, moving from one room to one another. Each room is uniquely built with functionality intact with style.

The house is built based on open concept style with different rooms interconnected between each other.

From living room to dining room to kitchen, every room is designed to be complemented with one another, bringing out the value of its unique creativity

Overall, Venice House by Walker Workshop has gave us a glimpse of future house building with its futuristic mind; and creative design. We hope to see more of their inspiring works and designs which will continue blowing our mind.

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