This Transparent Townhome is Now a Contemporary Beauty Remodelled From an Old, Abandoned Residence

by Candyse

Old, rundown houses like this townhouse in Bangkok are in abundance but the designers, Black Pencils Studio reimagined this abandoned townhouse that has been built for 30 years into something that is simply breathtaking to behold. Known as the Transparent Townhome the place had to be remodeled as its existing walls could no longer be used and had to be torn down while keeping only the existing structural framework.



Consisting of two storeys, the new structure had to be refurbished into something that meets the new owners’ requirements, they wanted it to look modern, airy and spacious. First of all, the architects decided to make a light-well in the middle of the existing structural grid by cutting through the newly placed metal sheet roof which enhances the light flow into the house and transforms the previously dim interior into something bright and glowing.

The light-well serves as a place that connects all the rooms while a steel staircase manages to link the other spaces vertically without being too fussy so that the home still looks sleek. The designers made sure to keep the flow of the house seamless with matching decor and color palette consisting of white, neutral colors and some wooden elements.

Look carefully or you may miss the entrances as there are hidden pocket doors and roller blinds around the house that allows the room to be connected into one big space. Liberal use of glass throughout the house gives it an illusion of space but since there are other layers such as fences, frames, and railings, the residents don’t have to worry about having their privacy invaded by other people passing by.

It’s certainly a beautiful and bright house that will delight anyone who lives in it and also has lots of space in the event that they have any guests over.

All images are taken from Black Pencils Studio Facebook page.

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