Top 8 Popular Closet Door Alternatives

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A closet is one of the simply designed fittings in a home but one that actually brings convenient living. Any tall enclosed storage space with a door in a house qualifies to be called a closet. Besides the closet door offering easier access and privacy to the stored items, it can be the center of attraction in your bedroom. Therefore, you must be creative when installing a new closet door or when you want to remodel the look of your closet. Here are top closet door alternatives that you should consider:

1. Glass Doors

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The use of glass closet doors is being highly adopted in modern homes.

Considering that many homeowners are nowadays looking for simple designs for their homes, you will find many people shifting to glass closet doors despite their delicacy. Here you may choose the transparent varieties that reveal your stored items or the frosted types if you want a private closet.

Pros: The wide varieties that glass doors come with makes this option efficient for anyone. It will also take less time and money to install glass doors compared to other alternatives below.

Cons: Glass is a highly fragile material that can be damaged by even little stress. People who install these doors must be extra careful when handling them.

Price range- $300- $2000

The fragility of this door material reduces its practicality, especially when you have kids at home. Apart from this, glass is a cool closet door alternative for rooms with a contemporary design.

2. Acrylic Sheets

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If you want a look similar to that of glass doors, you can go for this material. Acrylic sheets come in a variety of colours and it is up to you to choose the one that perfectly matches your home. If you also want a private closet, there are tinted acrylics just as glass to conceal the items in your closet.

Pros: The main reason why this is a perfect closet door alternative is its durability. Acrylics sheets are highly stress-resistant and will stay intact for long. Since acrylics are light, they are not boring to handle as closet doors.

Cons: You will have to dig deeper into your pockets for this option. The high-end technology used in the manufacture of acrylic sheets is the cause of their high market price.

Price range- $50-$350 per square meter

If you have children in your home, this is the perfect material to use for your closet doors, considering its high stress resistance. If you are looking for a premium finish for your bedroom, this is the best closet door alternative to use.

3. Curtains

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Although many closet doors are permanent structures, you may choose to have a simple enclosing provided it brings the look you need. You don’t have to spend much on this option and it is easy to hang the curtains on your closet.

Pros: Curtains come with a reduced buying cost and tons of options to choose from. It even gets better, considering that you can install curtains on your own. Curtains also keep your closet private.

Cons: If you install a curtain on your closet today, you would see the need to replace it after a year or two. If you keep your closet curtains for so long, the space may look dull all over again.

Price range- $15-$60

Use these options if you are on a tight budget and if you want a simple and natural look for your bedroom space.

4. Room Divider

Room Divider: Buy sell online Room Dividers & Screens with cheap price | Lazada

This is the other non- permanent structure that you can use as a closet door. A room divider is a highly versatile material that can be easily removed from the closet any time you want to change its look. A room divider is now a vital home fitting for people who frequently move from one home to another.

Pros: Rooms dividers can be moved from one place to another, considering that they are highly portable. If you buy one that matches your closet’s size, you will enjoy the convenience of moving it when you change your bedroom or when you move from one home to another.

Cons: If you have a small bedroom, a room divider may not work for you. Since many room dividers have a very flexible design, they may look clumsy in a bedroom space. Room dividers are also relatively insufficient when it comes to privacy.

Price range- $1000-$2000

If you want to change your closet from a reach-in to a walk-in, no other alternative will do this better than a room divider.

5. Beads

Hippie home decor Gypsy decor Interior design Work office design Office designs Junk gypsy decorating Beaded curtains Design Gothic home Bohemian living Get 70s with this hand-painted beaded bamboo curtain featuring a dual rainbow print. Use it every way you can think of as a semi-sheer room divider, behind a bed or bar, as a window treatment, entryway portal, closet curtain, between bed posts and more!Content + Care. Wood Wipe clean Imported Size. Dimensions: 79l x 35w Rainbow Bamboo

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With beaded curtains as closet doors, you can be assured that your bedroom will have a simple and unique look to make the space fun living in. Contrary to the standard fabric curtains, beaded curtains come with a wide variation in colors to suit every homeowner’s needs.

Pros: If you want to cut on budget, you will not go wrong with this option as beads are cheap to buy and install. A beaded door will also perk up your space such that you will want to spend most of your time in the bedroom.

Cons: Beads have a low stress resistance and can easily be broken by pets. Just like any other hanging objects, beaded curtains may be unsafe for young children.

Price range- $15-$30

Go for this option if you are looking for a beautiful and decorative design for your bedroom space. Although beaded curtains go well with most home designs and styles, you must be aware of what style will seamlessly match your room’s look.

6. Swing Doors

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This is a highly versatile closet door alternative that can also be used in many other areas of a home. You may decide to leave these doors open or closed as many work either way. Even when closed, many swinging doors cover partially your closet, a creative way to enhance the look of your closet.

Pros: For a permanent structure like the swing doors, you would expect a very high installation cost. Swing doors are, however, comparatively cheaper and easier to install.

Cons: These swing doors take up space, especially when they are open, they may be incompatible for some closets and bedrooms. Also, if the doors are not automatic, it may be boring for some people to open and close the swing doors.

Price range- $100-$1500

If you want an appealing yet easy way to store your clothes, hanging doors will do precisely that if installed on a closet.

7. Pocket Doors

Installing Pocket Doors in the Closet - Chris Loves Julia

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Pocket doors are also one of the popular closet door alternatives in modern homes. Since many homeowners are struggling with limited space in their rooms, a pocket door will ensure that your small space is conserved.

Pros: Pocket doors create a pleasant design statement in your bedroom and make the space comfortable to live in. with this option, you don’t have to worry about the privacy and security of your stored items.

Cons: While this is a great closet door alternative, it will force you to redesign and rebuild some of your bedroom walls. This only makes this option perfect for people building new homes.

Price range- $400-$1000 for new installation and $1000-$3500 for remodeling

As long as you ready to change your walls’ design, this would be a good closet door alternative to help save on your limited bedroom space.

8. Hanging Textiles

Color Cartoon Cat Pattern Cotton Linen Door Curtain Hanging Tapestry Partition | Shopee Malaysia

For a more customized and personalized closet door, you can choose to install hanging fabrics. The good thing with this option is that you can purchase already woven hanging fabrics or make them on your own.

Pros: Hanging textiles is one of the cheapest alternatives you can have for your closet doors. Considering that modern living is all about simple design, hanging fabrics are just the best closet door alternative of the day.

Unlike other closet door options, hanging fabrics will not enclose your items fully in the closet. Although this is not a major concern for many people, it may not be convenient for a private closet.

Cons: Hanging fabrics may need to be changed often since they may create a dull look when they stay intact for long

Price range- $10-$20

If you are looking for a DIY project that will transform your bedroom look, you can try making handmade closet door fabrics with tutorials available online.

The bottom line

You don’t deserve to live in a dull bedroom. Liven up the look of this space by installing these popular closet door alternatives. If you know the look you want for your closet area, just evaluate your budget and go for the option that fits your budget frame. Any time you want to install these closet door alternatives, reach out to experienced and reliable fitters in your area for best results.

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