6 Awesome Bunk Bed Designs Perfect For Sleepovers!

by Adeline

Friendship is important to kids as they grow up. If it’s up to them, they’ll spend all their time with their friends playing, eating, going on an adventure and even bunking together. If you often host sleepovers for your kids, getting a bunk bed may be an exciting addition for their room. Bunk beds are also good for siblings to share rooms if there’s limited space in the house. Here are some of the creative bunk bed designs!

1. The four beds

The four bunk beds will feel like a castle or your kid’s personal home within a home. These bunk beds will be good for a group of friends or cousins who sleepover when there’s a family gathering. A four-bunk bed may be a little safer because the stairs are usually in the middle so it doesn’t obstruct anyone’s path.

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2. Stairs at the side

Another bunk bed design that looks different is if the stairs are placed at the foot of the bed instead of the usual at the front. This way when the person from the top bunk wants to come down, he or she won’t accidentally knock or kick the person below.

You can even build drawers to act as steps at the side of the bunk beds too like the image below.

3. Off-center beds

To put a twist to the usual bunk beds, have the beds slightly away from each other. The bed below can be oriented to face another angle too for variation.

4. The triple bunks

Triple bunk beds are also not commonly seen and make one think of the girls’ room in Despicable Me. This is for those who don’t want the third person to feel isolated or if you need your three kids in one room!

A cheat way to achieve a triple bunk is to have the two beds at the bottom side by side or at an angle and with the third on top.

However, try not to have the beds overlap like the image below. This is to prevent kids from accidentally knocking their heads when they get up or while playing.

Not recommended

5. Minimalist bunk beds

Bunk beds with sides that are too high can be restrictive for the person on the top bunk. With a minimalist bunk bed, the person on the top bunk is kept safe and still have some freedom of movement.

Even if the sides of the top bunk look high, a minimalist theme neatens the look of a kid’s room. The design aesthetic can promote calmness and stylishness.

6. With a bookcase at the foot of the beds

Having a shelf at the foot of the beds can help save space in a small room too. Kids can also keep their storybooks, toys or extra blankets and pillows nearby. No more waking up mum and dad if they are feeling too cold.

If you have seen other interesting bunk bed designs, do share it with us in the comments in Facebook!

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