7 Top-Rated, Dependable Indoor Courtyard Plants

by HDM Editor Team

When you are first thinking of planting indoor plants for your courtyard, it’s essential to choose the plant with low maintenance, especially for beginners with busy schedules. Amazingly courtyard garden offers privacy, blocks the street noise and replaces your angry-looking indoor courtyard with something attractive and exceptional.

Further, an indoor courtyard enhances the entire place by boosting mood, reducing stress, eliminating air pollutants, increasing creativity, while making happy and healthy homes. Without further ado, allow me to take you a comprehensive guide about the top-rated, low-maintained and dependable plants appropriate for an indoor courtyard.

1. Areca Palm (Dypsis Lutescens)

Areca palm is among the best and popular indoor courtyard plant and stays evergreen. Besides, this plant is easy to grow and can endure the immediate extremes and changes of any weather. Further, it can grow even in low or high temperature environment too.

Further, its attractive fronds are great at breaking down toluene and xylene, most found in petrol, adhesives, polish, paints etc., plus it also helpful for releasing moisture. This courtyard plant also is non-poisonous and non-toxic, thus even when pets or small children cannot get harmed by it. When plating, it selects the container which has drain holes since it’s prone to rot right from waterlogged soil.

Additionally, this specific plant requires indirect and slight light. And the water is adequately daily, but you will have to reduce the amount of water during raining season since the water loss becomes less in this season. For best results from this plant, keep its leaf stem clean and trim the brown tips if they are overgrowing. Water it evenly and moderately once every week, and be amazed with the results.

2. Rubber Plant (Ficus Elastica)

This rubber plant is among the best courtyard and strapping specimen. Its strong glossy leaves increase its capacity of getting bigger and pleasant. Further, this plant’s big glossy leaves are believed to purify the air of surrounding nasty toxins.

Generally, rubber trees are among the most forgiving indoor plants for low maintenance. Besides, they keep thriving and become beautiful with indirect sunlight, some bright and good water once a week. I would also recommend misting this indoor plant often to offer typically enough humidity levels it might need to thrive well.

3. Kentia Palm

Kentia palm is endorsed as a fabulous massive indoor courtyard plant that will meet your needs and expectations. Moderately slow-growing, this indoor plant needs a bit of good nurturing, but it will reward you with attractive sculptural foliage, making a factual statement in a specific space. Kentia palm is excellent when it comes to purifying your surrounding air by removing carbon monoxide, benzene, trichloroethylene, formaldehyde, and xylene.

Therefore, with a bit of the right attitude and little patience, Kentia palm will effectively grow, becoming among your favourite big indoor plant. For some of us asking about re-potting, these plants prefer being left alone instead of moving from vessel to vessel.

Additionally, ensure the soil is well-drained to avoid any root rot and still remember to rotate this plant often to make sure it has even growth. Also, when it comes to brightness, this amazing plant requires indirect light, but there are tolerant of lower light conditions. It is simple to care for and offers colour with variegated options, which adds an excellent pattern to someone’s courtyard.

4. African Milk Tree (Euphorbia Trigona)

Do you have a courtyard that receives morning sun and some light, the African milt tree is the option and a beautiful indoor plant. With spiky, thin stems lined with attractive rows of remarkable smaller laves which grow like chandeliers right from a central stem, these specific succulents are a very exotic addition to your courtyard plant gang.

Generally, this plant proliferates and produces leaves. Besides, it is a lovely plant for displaying individually or eventually pairing up with other related plants in the corner of your courtyard. The plant is perfect for tall indoor plants for beginners and busy individuals.

This plant needs to get watered profoundly and let the water drain away slowly, ensuring that it’s dry before watering again. This prevents your plant from rotting due to excess watering. Asking about re-potted, African milk tree can even get re-potted once every year, especially if you want to see it effectively grow. Further, you can also fertilise after every few months to eventually encourage its growth.

5. Macho Fern (Nephorolepsis Biserrta)

It is also well-known as a giant beautiful sword fern. Besides, this is among the beloved large indoor courtyard plant with broad grow outwards and sideshow bob hairstyle. Further, it is among the simplest indoor ferns with low caring due to its slightly sturdier foliage.

Essentially, this plant humidity is the key to its consistent growth. Thus often misting, keeping the soil moist though not much soggy is well appreciated by Macho plant. The bright dappled illumination that it receives aids it thrive. Further, you often want to rotate this plant to grow gloriously.

Additionally, well-draining soil is essential to make sure its pot got drainage water and hole that allow it to drain freely. Try this plant, and you will love the results; it will not stress when it comes to watering, humidity and so on. Overall, Macho fern is a very calm and friendly plant for you beginners.

6. Swiss Cheese Plant (Monstera Deliciosa)

One of my all-time courtyard indoor plants is Monstera; it grows stunning, giving your courtyard a glorious appearance. Generally, this beauty tends to grow big and nice, thus ensuring enough space to stretch its attractive leaves.

Besides, the Swiss cheese plant will thrive well, indirect, bright light, and with enough water once after the top layer soil dry’s. Further, you may also require staking this plant since it grows with additional support, and consider keeping its decent leaves dust-free by wiping down.

Caring for this indoor plant will not stress you, and it’s worth it. I currently love the results of this plant I planted in my courtyard a month ago. It has grown beautiful and gigantic which I was not expecting. Don’t leave your courtyard to stay boring while you can plant this plant and start falling in love with it.

7. Madagascar Dragon Tree (Dracaena Marginata)

These are the best and suitable options for beginners and busy individuals for courtyard plants. Plus, they are simple to grow and maintain. This plant tends to enjoy moderate low light conditions, as the full sun will eventually burn its beautiful leaves.

Another thing is that this plant is categorised among the drought-tolerant, meaning you don’t have to water it since overwatering frequently is a significant cause of death in it. However, depending on how much illumination your plant will receive, it can get watered after every three weeks.

Additionally, remember that this plant is sensitive to fluoride; thus, it helps water them with clean, distilled water, for some of which our tap water got high fluoride levels. Admirably, this plan is the best air purifier aiding remove xylene, formaldehyde and trichloroethylene from surrounding air.

Frequently Asked Questions About Indoor Plants

How to perfectly maintain indoor plants?

1. Ensure your plant’s pot got drainage holes right in the bottom

2. Keep potting the soil moist- is essential to ensure the soil is not too dry or too wet

3. Ensure your plant is placed close to the light source, whether artificial or natural

How should I choose Indoor plants?

1. Match the plants to specific environments since some plants tend to need special care

2. Select low-care plants

3. Choose appropriate containers

Should someone spray the indoor courtyard plants with water?

Generally, misting courtyard plants is an effective and straightforward way of boosting humidity. Further, misting is a simple solution to avoid overwatering your plant; however, pay attention to the texture and colour of plant leaves. Remember, plants with dry or brown tips will typically benefit from often misting.

Should I wipe the plant leaves?

Yes, it is essential to clean your plant leaves of any residue time after time. Besides, a layer of dust into leaves will eventually block the sunlight and also reduce your plant’s capability of photosynthesising.


The above plants have a special place in our courtyard, whether utilised to fill tall walls, empty corners, or preferably making bold statements in the entire courtyard. Further, they can get displayed independently or relatively grouped to eventually create an attractive appearance in your courtyard.

Generally, there are different indoor courtyard plants out there, but you need the dependable and them with low maintenance. Luckily, I have deep-researched and came up with the above top-rated and attractive seven indoor courtyard plants that will meet your needs and expectations.

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