Top Tips For an Easy House Move

by Nicholas Chew

Moving house is recognised to be among the most stressful experiences you may go through in your life. Whether you relocate frequently or this is your first time, the list of things to do while moving can be overwhelming.

Relocating doesn’t always have to be a difficult experience. In this article, we will list some of the useful tips to keep in mind before you start your moving house process.


Decluttering is the first necessary thing you should consider before moving house. It is the most important step to ease your moving house process.

Before you start packing, prepare a list of all the stuff you want to sell, give away or just throw. By doing so, you will save some money on home removal fees If you declutter yourself since there would be fewer boxes to transport.

Regarding the things you don’t need anymore, It’s ideal to sell them for the extra cash, or you could consider donating some of the items you will not be using anymore to charity.

Set Your Valuables Somewhere Safe

When it comes to jewelry and precious mementos, it must be your priority to keep them somewhere safe.

Valuables have the potential to get lost throughout the course of moving, especially if they were misplaced or if you did not pay attention to them. As a result, you must take caution when it comes to belongings that you value and want to keep in your new house.

Items like work paper, jewelry, photo albums, and everything else you wish to carry must be removed from the old house and put somewhere safe. If you have someone you trust, then consider leaving your things with them.

Choose Your Removal Company

Once you have finished decluttering all your items and belongings, and have a generally clear idea of what you want to carry with you, you ought to contact a removal company in order to help with the whole process of house moving.

There is always the option to do it yourself, but It would be a lot more stressful and time-consuming,

Removal companies such as removalists in Sydney tend to have years of expertise in properly packing, transporting, and handling any type of item from fragile to heavy. They do guarantee the safety of all your items once you reach your new home.

Make A Packing Plan

Packing often takes a much longer time than anticipated, which is why you should get started with it as soon as possible.

After you’ve gotten rid of anything you don’t need and kept your valuables safe, It’s time to begin with the items and rooms you don’t often use. Packing up those rooms and utilizing them to keep boxes of items will result in the least amount of disruption to your life.

Labeling the boxes is a smart technique to separate and define what each box contains. When doing so, It’s natural to describe the content of the pack at the top. It is important to include a bullet point while labeling each box so you would know exactly what it contains.

While packing your things, be careful not to overpack your boxes. It’s easy to overdo it which might cause some problems. For example, try to keep heavy items in small boxes and light ones in big boxes. By doing so, you won’t risk any of the packages collapsing, nor to ruin any of your belongings.

Utilities’ arrangements

When relocating, it is essential to have access to your utilities and set them up early.

It’s really common to overlook obtaining the final metre readings, but this will make the process a lot easier. You could use your phone to take pictures of the reading notes and mark the dates so you don’t lose them.

In addition to that, it is a good idea to register with the new network operators ahead of time, and of course, don’t forget about utilities like gas and electricity and water.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if you’re not continuing with the same provider in your new house, it’s important to contact them to let them know the house has sold and the account is closed, just in case your seller wasn’t quite as prepared as you!

By planning ahead of time, you’ll be able to account for any last costs you’ll need to make.

This will not only relieve a lot of pressure once you have moved in, but it will also give you more time to settle in and enjoy your new house.

Get Your Keys Early

It will create a significant difference if you are able to acquire the keys to your new home early.

Getting into your new house a bit sooner than your moving day allows you to thoroughly inspect and clean it before moving your belongings in. Before moving day, remember to keep all your cleaning products separate so they don’t get packed away.

When you clean your new house well before all your packages and furniture arrive, there will be no unwanted discoveries on your big day. It also implies that when you evaluate your property, you will have a chance to make a snagging list if needed.

Another good thing about having access to your new home early is that you can organise any shipments or deliveries to be over with ahead of time.

Update Your Address

It’s a great idea to begin updating your address with organizations or agencies a week ahead of your moving day.

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