7 Ingenious Ideas for Using Ladders in Your Home Decor

by Candyse

Almost every home has a ladder handy for those tall corners that you can’t reach but what do you do when your ladder is already old? Don’t throw them away just yet because you can upcycle them and use them as ladders decor for your home. Get started with these few awesome ideas.

1. Display Rack

All those rungs are perfect for placing items and since the ladder is already retired, give it a new lease of life by using it as a display rack. It adds a charming rustic feel even if it looks seasoned and scuffed.


2. Extended Storage Rack

Rejuvenate your old ladder with a new coat of paint that will give it a beautiful pop of colour in your home. To store even more stuff on your ladder, extend its space by balancing some boards on top that will give it more room.


3. Coffee Table Ladder

If you have a nice step stool then you can turn it into your own personal coffee table. It is just the right size and height that can fit into a little corner in your living room.


4. Ladder Table

You could actually make a table using ladders in your home that is both economical and looks pretty as well. You need two short ladders of the same size and place a sturdy board on top to turn it into a table. Give it a fresh coat of paint to make it even more stylish.


5. Ladder Planters

Create your very own indoor garden using just a ladder and a few boxes! You only need to place the boxes on the rungs and then grow your plants in them for a fuss-free and space saving garden.


6. Hanging Ladder Rack

Your ladder can be used to utilised all of those vertical space you have on your walls. This works well for single ladders as you just need to hang your ladder up horizontally and those rungs can be used for your knickknacks. Hang some sturdy hooks there and you’re good to go.


7. Hanging Lighting

Here’s another brilliant way to use an old vintage ladder you have for your creative ladders decor. You can turn it into a unique looking lighting by chaining it on the ceiling to keep it secure and then hang a few pendant lights from it for a rustic light fixture.


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